UNT lingering questions

North Texas quarterback Jason Bean (5) carries the ball during the Mean Green's loss to Utah State in the New Mexico Bowl at Dreamstyle Stadium in Albuquerque New Mexico last season. Bean is competing with Austin Aune for the backup quarterback job heading into the season.

The North Texas football team has officially reached the end of fall camp. The Mean Green will work out today and then head into the weekend.

Sunday marks the beginning of game week for UNT's Aug. 31 season opener against Abilene Christian at Apogee Stadium.

We learned a lot over the course of fall camp, especially since a large portion of it was open to the media.

UNT's camp-wrap press conference was also enlightening. We covered it all in our press conference takeaways and a story that covered what coach Seth Littrell and his players had to say. 

But as is always the case this time of year, there are plenty of lingering questions still out there.

Here's a look at a few.

1. Who will UNT's backup quarterback be?

There are a lot of teams still worrying about who their starting quarterback will be at this time of the year. 

UNT returns Mason Fine, one of the best quarterbacks in the country, and has no problem there.

The question the Mean Green face is who will take over if Fine goes down with an injury. The competition is down to Jason Bean and Austin Aune.

Neither have much in the way of experience and are trying to work their way into position to take over for Fine after this season.

Littrell said in his press conference that they are still competing. Will Littrell make a call and name on UNT's backup or will he name them co-backups and be done with it?

2. What about the rest of the depth chart?

While the backup quarterback position is the headliner, there are a host of other positions of interest heading into the depth chart reveal.

The most intriguing is probably the outside receiver spot opposite Rico Bussey Jr. 

There are a host of players in the hunt for that sport including Greg White and Austin Ogunmakin. 

One of the breakout stars of fall practice was Jyaire Shorter, who quickly worked his way into the mix. Shorter is a physical specimen at 6-2 and 215 pounds. 

He's big enough that a lot of people assumed that he would play tight end when he signed with UNT, but he's also one of the fastest players on the team. 

He might end up as a starter in the first game of his redshirt freshman season.

The cornerback spot is another one to watch. Cam Johnson, Quinn Whitlock and graduate transfer Nick Harvey are UNT's top three corners. We will find out who will start when the depth chart comes out.

3. How many freshmen are going to play?

The new NCAA rule that allows freshmen to play in four games and still redshirt has changed the nature of the way coaches handle their rosters.

Teams can sneak a player in a few games along the way to allow them to gain experience.

What remains to be seen is just how many freshmen UNT is going to really depend on this season and not worry about redshirting.

Linebacker Kevin Wood made a huge impression in fall practice and appears to be a lock to play a significant amount of time.

DeShawn Gaddie looks like a good bet for a backup spot at cornerback behind UNT's top trio.

Outside of those two, UNT has a ton of players who could be headed for redshirt seasons. There was a lot of excitement about linebackers Grayson and Gabriel Murphy heading into fall camp.

Both of the Murphy brothers played at Bishop Lynch in Dallas and don't appear ready. Running back Oscar Adaway has turned heads, but UNT is deep at that position.

There's a chance Wood and Gaddie will be the only freshmen on the two-deep, but we will see when it comes out.

And while we are at it, here's an updated list for our annual Get Your Rear on the Record contest to pick UNT's season record.

Be sure to send me your pick via mail at bvito@dentonrc.com of on Twitter at @brettvito.

Get Your Rear on the Record picks

14-0 – Roc Nunley, Steve Baker

13-1 – Scott Davis, Maxx Chrest, Jacob Flores, David Barnes, Greg Everly, Sherman Simpson, Noah Hess,  Darren Foyt (EagleD) , Mark Beaty

12-2 – John Davidson, Jeff Brightwell, Baron Samedi, Scott Campbell, Patrick McMullen, Melvin Greene, James Stinson, Rob McKinney, Tony DeSousa, Dustin Clanton, Scott Cass, John McDowell, Zach Muzzy, Miguel Robinson, Michael Holt, Zach Werblo, Craig Christensen, Venson Herron, Troy Taylor, Wilson Haynes, Ron Smith

11-2 – Mark Ryan Alexander

11-3 – Bill Kenney, Jason Howeth, Ricky Herold, Brian Martin, Jack Highfill, Richard Steenson, Jack Highfill, Richard Steenson, John Lee Moses, George Mather, Scott Robertson, Jeff Hill, Thomas Hicks, Rob Deer, Von Eaglin, Steven Knowles, Scott Campbell, Steve Hammond 

10-4 -- Paul Nordstrom, Jeff Withers, Jim Hull, Emmitt Jackson, Lee Hughes, Jonathan Dennis, A Kriesman, RB Parish, Joel Villanueva, John Lowe, Max Koch III, Matthew Veigl, Phil Schenk, Bryan Graves, Robert Bell, Mark Gaston, Rob Hudnall, Corky Taquino, Bobby Gibbons

10-3 – Preston Hodge, Andrew Olivo, Jorge Cedillo, Alex McKinley, Robert Bell

9-5 – Harry Miers

9-4 – Kyle Jurca, Rick Ashwander, Mickey Roach, Matt Cyr, Greg Hinckley, Tony Love, Daniel Becherer

8-5 – Adam Rosenfield, Chester Hufstedler

7-5 – Jim Schaeffer

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