It was another breakout season for several Denton-area football teams.

Six reached the postseason, including Guyer, which played in a state title game for the fifth time in school history and second time in three seasons.

Ryan, which won a championship last season, advanced to a region final, as did Aubrey, and Argyle cobbled together another solid postseason run.

As a result, 14 athletes and two staffs were honored with superlative awards on their respective all-district teams.

Leading the charge were three MVPs. Guyer quarterback Jackson Arnold was named Co-MVP of District 5-6A while Ryan linebacker Anthony Hill Jr. was named Co-MVP of District 5-5A Division I. Not to be outdone, Pilot Point do-it-all threat Aydon Cox was the Co-MVP in District 4-3A Division I.

But that was just for starters.

In District 5-6A, Guyer’s Rowan Briggs was named defensive lineman of the year.

In District 5-5A Division I, Ryan’s Michael Gee was named defensive player of the year while teammate Chance Rucker took home defensive newcomer of the year.

In District 7-5A Division II, Lake Dallas kicker Preston Gregg was named special teams player of the year.

Aubrey and Krum were nicely represented in District 4-4A Division II. Aubrey’s Braylon Colgrove nabbed offensive player of the year honors while Everson Strain took home defensive newcomer of the year. Krum’s Jake Cook was named co-utility player of the year.

In District 7-4A Division I, Argyle’s Michael Madrie was named defensive player of the year. Teammates Sheridan Wilson and Riley Van Poppel were named offensive lineman of the year and utility player of the year, respectively.

Ponder’s Joe Green was named co-offensive lineman of the year in District 4-3A Division I.

Guyer coach Rodney Webb and Ryan coach Dave Henigan saw their staffs named coaching staff of the year in their respective districts.

District 5-6A

Co-MVP: Jackson Arnold, QB, Guyer; Jaylen Jenkins, RB, Allen

Offensive MVP: John Mateer, QB, Little Elm

Defensive MVP: DJ Hicks, DL, Allen

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Mike Hawkins, QB, Allen

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Zina Umeozulu, DE, Allen

Utility Player of the Year: Tyler Bailey, WR/DB/KR, Prosper

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Nick Blessing, OL, Allen

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Rowan Briggs, DL, Guyer

Coaching Staff of the Year: Guyer


Harrison Rosar, QB, Prosper; Devyn Turner, RB, Allen; Jaylon Burton, RB, Braswell; Bryan Jackson, RB, McKinney; Carter Whitefield, RB, McKinney Boyd; Jordyn Tyson, WR, Allen; Caden Park, WR, McKinney Boyd; Ja’Ryan Wallace, WR, Braswell; Josh Joseph, WR, Little Elm; Houston Hawkins, WR, Prosper; Grayson O’Bara, WR, Guyer; Steven Gorski, TE, Allen; Neto Umeozulu, OL, Allen; Nash Gagliano, OL, Prosper; Joe Radovan, OL, Guyer; Jackson Newville, OL, Allen; Joey Dickson, OL, McKinney Boyd; Josh Okelola, OL, Braswell; Caden Williams, K, Allen; Caleb Sempebwa, K, McKinney Boyd.


Blake Vaughan, DL, Allen; Jason Williams, DL, Allen; Sean Madkins, DL, McKinney Boyd; Dylan Hinshaw, DL, Prosper; Ivan Pena, DL, Guyer; Jimmy Fex, ILB, McKinney Boyd; Bryce Montgomery, ILB, Braswell; Ethan Wesloski, OLB, McKinney Boyd; Jaden Powell, OLB, Guyer; Damon Youngblood, S, McKinney; Marquan Pope, S, Guyer; Carson McClendon, S, Prosper; Peyton Bowen, S, Guyer; Keyshon Mills, CB, Little Elm; Terrance Brooks, CB, Little Elm; Ryan Yaites, CB, Guyer; Jason Hoyle, P, McKinney Boyd; Jaeden Morrison, P, Braswell; Tug Sanford, LS, Allen.


Ryan Shackleton, QB, McKinney Boyd; BJ Phillips, RB, Guyer; Sheldon King, RB, McKinney; Hunter Summers, WR, Prosper; Brody Noble, WR, Guyer; Cameran Taylor-Butler, WR, Little Elm; Brennan Harvey, TE, Allen; Caden Nguyen, OL, Braswell; Troy Stansell, OL, Prosper; Jacob Mumy, OL, Prosper; Bryan Wofford, OL, Little Elm; Nathan Penny, OL, Guyer; Musa Mudesir, OL, Allen; AJ Lopez, OL, Allen; Caleb Davis, OL, Braswell; Jaeden Morrison, K, Braswell; Luke Watkins, K, McKinney.


Dennis Morrison, DL, McKinney Boyd; Brock Winsett, DL, Allen; Aeden Combest, DL, Prosper; Troy Walker, DL, Little Elm; Pelumi Olanipekun, DL, Guyer; Tanner Call, DL, McKinney; Makhi Frazier, ILB, McKinney; Jack Karl, ILB, McKinney Boyd; Ethan Higgins, DL, Prosper; Tyson Pope, DL, Little Elm; Tyson Trammell, OLB, Braswell; Andrew Dawson, OLB, McKinney Boyd; Michael Momoh, OLB, Allen; Grayson Splawn, OLB, Prosper; Armon Robinson, S, Braswell; Peyton Shaw, S, McKinney Boyd; Dylan Smith, CB, Braswell; Eli Bowen, CB, Guyer; Sign Shuva, CB, Allen; Kaleb Miles, CB, Prosper; Carter Colaluca, P, Allen.

District 5-5A Division I

Co-MVP: Anthony Hill, Jr. LB/RB, Ryan; Ashton Jeanty, RB, Frisco Lone Star

Co-Offensive MVP: Garret Rangel, QB, Frisco Lone Star; Jared White, RB, Frisco Wakeland

Defensive MVP: Michael Gee, DE, Ryan

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Brennan Myer, QB, Frisco Wakeland

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Chance Rucker, CB, Ryan

Two-Way Player of the Year: Jaylon Braxton, DB/WR, Frisco Lone Star

Utility Player of the Year: Reggie Bush, RB/S/K, Frisco Independence

Coaching Staff of the Year: Dave Henigan, Ryan


Easton Swetnam, QB, Frisco Heritage; A.J. Padgett, QB, Frisco Reedy; Harry Stewart, RB, Frisco Centennial; Kamden Wesely, RB, The Colony; Coco Brown, RB, Denton; Shawn Wara, RB, Frisco Heritage; Kalib Hicks, RB, Ryan; Evan Stein, TE/FB, Frisco Lone Star; Josh Goines, TE/FB, Frisco Reedy; Tripp Riordan, TE/FB, Frisco Wakeland; Shafiq Taylor, WR, The Colony; Tristan Strange, WR, Ryan, Davion Woolen, WR, Frisco Wakeland; Bryce Gilchrist, WR, Frisco Heritage; Devin Turner, WR; Frisco Lone Star; Jordyn Bailey, WR, Ryan; Carsten Brewer, WR, Frisco Heritage; A.J. Jayroe, WR, Frisco Reedy; Michael Davis, WR, Ryan; Kyle Lofye, OL, Frisco Lone Star; Bryan Buckett, OL, Ryan; Jack Jones, OL, Frisco Wakeland; Kolt De La Torre, OL, Ryan; Kris Bailey, OL, Frisco Lone Star; Henry Appleton, OL, Ryan; Connor Stroh, OL, Frisco Wakeland; Edwin Lopez, K, The Colony.


Mason Davis, DL, Ryan; Ravonte Blow, DL, Ryan; Carson McMillin, DL, Frisco Wakeland; BJ Thompson, DL, Frisco Lone Star; I Whitaker, DE, Frisco Lone Star; Dixon Hudson, DE, Frisco Reedy; Mar’Quice Hill II, DE, Ryan; Jaewon Lee, DE, Frisco Wakeland; J’cori Hargon, ILB, Frisco Lone Star; Zach Riggle, ILB, Frisco Lone Star; Hayden Latimer, ILB, Frisco Reedy; Michael Flanagan, ILB, Frisco Wakeland; Alex Shirley, ILB, Frisco Wakeland; Kaden Kelly, OLB, Ryan; Garrett Maynard, OLB, Frisco Wakeland; Fogo Sokoya, OLB, Frisco Lone Star; Khylon Whitehurst, OLB, The Colony; Jackson Albracht, OLB, Frisco Reedy; Garyreon Robinson, S, Ryan; James Lundy, S, Ryan; Davion Woolen, S, Frisco Wakeland; Devin Turner, S, Frisco Lone Star; Austin Jordan, CB, Ryan; Noah Mangham, CB, Frisco Wakeland; Aidan McCowan, CB, Frisco Independence; Devin Hardy, CB, Frisco Reedy; Bruce Mitchell, CB, Frisco Lone Star; Edwin Lopez, P, The Colony; Nolan Krinsky, P, Frisco Wakeland.


Khalon Davis, QB, Ryan; Gabriel Barrientes, QB, Frisco Lone Star; Ude Enyeribe, RB, Frisco Independence; Davonte Dunn, RB, The Colony; Aaron Daniels, RB, Frisco Reedy; Carson Maashoff, TE/FB, Frisco Reedy; Caden Chaulk, TE/FB, The Colony; John Said, TE/FB, The Colony; Brett Eskildsen, WR, Frisco Centennial; Jasper Miller, WR, Frisco Heritage; Jake Simpson, WR, Frisco Independence; Erik Barr, WR, Frisco Reedy; Kaleb Smith, WR, Frisco Reedy; Noah Mangham, WR, Frisco Wakeland; Antonio Thomas, WR, Ryan; William Wallis, OL, The Colony; Sam Guitteau, OL, Frisco Reedy; Joseph Riley, OL, Ryan; Ethan Chirinos, OL, The Colony; Josh Ryder, OL, Frisco Centennial; Xavier Olivo, OL, Frisco Lone Star; Cade Myer, OL, Frisco Wakeland; Wyatt Doyle, OL, Frisco Independence; Josh Cochron, OL; The Colony; Cody Meyers, OL, Frisco Reedy; Michael Perez, OL, Ryan; Evan Vincent, OL, Denton; Max Anderson, OL, Frisco Reedy; Jacob Culpepper, K, Frisco Heritage; Cody Green, K, Frisco Lone Star; Jackson Runyon, K, Frisco Reedy; Jonathan Tripode, K, Frisco Wakeland; Clayton Robyler, K, Ryan.


Isaiah Ortiz, DL, Frisco Independence; Christian Cummings, DL, The Colony; Joseph Duffey, DL, Frisco Reedy; Trey Bates, DL, Ryan; Burak Cetinkaya, DL, Frisco Wakeland; Isaiah Williams, DL, Denton; Brett Karhu, DL; Frisco Independence; Chase Miller, DL; Frisco Reedy; Colby Cox, DE, The Colony; Kaden Freeman, DE, Frisco Reedy; Gage Autry, DE, Frisco Wakeland; Robert Sippio, DE, Frisco Lone Star; Josh Eckert, ILB, OLB, Frisco Centennial; Devin Hensley, ILB, The Colony; Brock Wollent, ILB, Frisco Reedy; Justin Matthews, ILB, Frisco Independence; Marquis Williams, ILB, Ryan; Brock Wollent, ILB, Frisco Reedy; Brooks Bobbora, OLB, Frisco Centennial; JB Reynolds, OLB, Frisco Lone Star; Barrett Kennedy, OLB, Frisco Wakeland; Aaron Trotter, OLB, The Colony; Matthew Goldman, Frisco Independence; Courtney Blackston, OLB, Denton; Trevor Surgeson, S, The Colony; Madaven Tillery, S, The Colony; Bennett Fryman, S, Frisco Lone Star; Jack Fortner, S, Frisco Independence; Colin Peek, S, Frisco Wakeland; Quinton Clay, CB, Frisco Heritage; Hudson Duong, CB, The Colony; Jake Wolff, CB, Frisco Reedy; Michael Price, CB, Frisco Centennial; Gus England, CB, Frisco Wakeland; Cody Green, P, Frisco Lone Star.

District 7-5A Division II

Most Valuable Player: Keldric Luster, QB, Frisco Liberty

Offensive Player of the Year: Jadarian Price, RB, Denison

Defensive Player of the Year: Dillon Magee, RB, Lovejoy

All-Purpose Player of the Year: Brandon Miyazono, Ath, Frisco

Special Teams Player of the Year: Preston Gregg, K, Lake Dallas

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Payton Pierce, LB, Lovejoy

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Parker Livingston, WR, Lovejoy

Coaching Staff of the Year: Frisco Liberty


Brenner Cox, QB, Prosper Rock Hill; Bradford Martin, RB, Frisco; Donovan Shannon, RB, Prosper Rock Hill; Jaren Hendricks, TE, Denison; Joshua Johnson, TE, Frisco; A.J. Yasilli, FB, Frisco; Matt Wagner, RB, Prosper Rock Hill; Lawson Towne, WR, Frisco Liberty; Jaxson Lavender, WR, Lovejoy; Kyle Parker, WR, Lovejoy; Zion Steptoe, WR, Frisco Memorial; Dameon Smallwood, OL, Denison; Austin Kawecki, OL, Lebanon Trail; Noah Gardner, OL, Lovejoy; Cole Hutson, OL, Frisco; Marco Ybanez, OL, Lovejoy; Jacob Speer, OL, Princeton; Greshon Coates-Garcia, OL, Prosper Rock Hill; Gavin Marshall, K, Frisco.


Brian Kotecki, DT, Lovejoy; Braden Uhlmann, DT, Frisco Memorial; Casey Adjei, DT, Prosper Rock Hill; Jakalen Fields, DE, Denison; Chika Ugoh, DE, Frisco Liberty; West Wilson, DE, Lovejoy; Williams Wallis, ILB, Denison; A.J. Yasilli, ILB, Frisco; Phillip Joest, ILB, Lovejoy; Tate Horton, OLB, Frisco; Godwin Ugochukwu, OLB, Lake Dallas; Sam Wenaas, OLB, Frisco Liberty; Bennett Slaughter, OLB, Lovejoy; Jayden Lawton, CB, Lovejoy; Amin White, CB, Frisco Memorial; R.J. DeMadet, CB, Frisco Memorial; Drew Johnson, S, Frisco; Aaron Jamison-Johnson, S, Frisco; Trent Rucker, S, Lovejoy; Joseph McGinnis II, S, Prosper Rock Hill; Conner Belew, P, Frisco Lebanon Trail.


Caleb Heavner, QB, Denison; Brendan Sorsby, QB, Lake Dallas; Alexander Franklin, QB, Lovejoy; Noah Naidoo, RB, Lovejoy; Junior Ombati, RB, Princeton; Will Branum, TE, Lovejoy; Jack Aleman, FB, Denison; Lane Droupy, RB, Lovejoy; Sam Wenaas, RB, Frisco Liberty; Gavin Champ, WR, Princeton; Luke Knight, WR, Prosper Rock Hill; Ryan Threat, WR, Prosper Rock Hill; Ferron Cotton, WR, Frisco Memorial; Niki Gray, WR, Lake Dallas; Jack Bryan, WR, Frisco Liberty; Stephen Walkiewicz, OL, Frisco; Lawson Ware, OL, Frisco; Hudson Balette, OL, Lovejoy; Brayden Reynolds, OL, Prosper Rock Hill; Gage Taylor, OL, Frisco Lebanon Trail; Kameran Sands, OL, Frisco Memorial; Will Gillespie, OL, Denison; Matt Sermania, OL, Prosper Rock Hill; Chase King, OL, Frisco; Slate Eggen, OL, Frisco Liberty; Sam Reynolds, OL, Lovejoy; Ian Villarreal, K, Frisco Memorial.


Xzavier Washington, DT, Denison; Carson Cox, DT, Frisco Lebanon Trail; Kinadee’ Sims, DT, Frisco; Zach Bahner, DE, Lovejoy; Graham Hawks, DE, Frisco; Malaki Turner, DE, Frisco; Jakobi DeHorney, ILB, Denison; Daniel Ajayi, ILB, Frisco Liberty; Max Honsaker, ILB, Frisco Memorial; Jarrett Hutson, ILB, Prosper Rock Hill; Keeten Levin, ILB, Lovejoy; Mark Lane, OLB, Frisco Lebanon Trail; Chase Bogle, OLB, Lovejoy; Gage Humbarger, OLB, Prosper Rock Hill; Billy Sanchez, OLB, Princeton; Jalik Lewis, CB, Denison; De’Teaurean Johnson, CB, Denison; Chris Johnson, CB, Frisco Liberty; Roderick Mapps, CB, Lovejoy; Kenyan Kelly, S, Denison; Adam Eschler, S, Lovejoy; Will Jackson, S, Frisco Liberty; Harley Fuller, K, Lake Dallas; Garrett Silvestri, K, Prosper Rock Hill.

District 4-4A Division II

MVP: Michael Reemts, OL, Celina

Offensive Player of the Year: Braylon Colgrove, RB, Aubrey

Defensive Player of the Year: Zach Veverka, LB, Celina

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Brendan Armijo, OL, Celina

Defensive Lineman of the Year: William Pace, DT, Celina

Co-Utility Player of the Year: Gavin Montgomery, ATH, Van Alstyne; Jake Cook, ATH, Krum

Special Teams Player of the Year: Brady Cunningham, K, Celina

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Everson Strain, S, Aubrey

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Kaden Lorick, K, Celina


Noah Bentley, QB, Celina; Rylan Smart, QB, Sanger; Gabe Gayton, RB, Celina; Devrin Brown, RB, Krum; Colby Lewis, RB, Sanger; Gavin Bybee, FB, Van Alstyne; Dakota Howard, WR, Van Alstyne; Lucas Lindley, WR, Van Alstyne; Brower Nickel, WR, Celina; Justin Wooten, WR, Krum; Steven Bush, WR, Sanger; Lane Bartel, OL, Aubrey; Gavin Garcia, OL, Aubrey; Hamish Mpofu, OL, Celina; Kyle Carter, OL, Krum; Levi Copeland, OL, Van Alstyne; Reed Strittmatter, OL, Aubrey.


Jacob Palladino, DT, Aubrey; Nic Loya, DE, Van Alstyne; Jett Runion, DE, Aubrey; Trae Hollins, DE, Celina; Wyatt Stephens, DE, Celina; Aidan Beukema, DE, Sanger; Jyreese Jones, DE, Sanger; Connor Green, ILB, Krum; Logan Lewis, ILB, Sanger; Gavin Bybee, OLB, Van Alstyne; Ty Sciba, OLB, Aubrey; Ty Marthiljohnni, OLB, Celina; Jake Cook, OLB, Krum; Kai Bagley, CB, Aubrey; Jedd Ubanoski, CB, Celina; Collin Reynolds, S, Van Alstyne; Cole Marthiljohni, S, Celina.


Jaden Mahan, RB, Van Alstyne; Jacob Holder, RB, Aubrey; Jackson Allen, WR, Van Alstyne; Robbie Stebbing, WR, Celina; Ty Hagenbrock, WR, Celina; Chandler Bowland, WR, Sanger; Kollin Shumate, WR, Sanger; Cooper Carroll, OL, Van Alstyne; Collin Strittmatter, OL, Aubrey; Zack Farris, OL, Celina; Jyreese Jones, OL, Sanger; Caleb Cortez, OL, Celina; JD Blagg, OL, Aubrey.


Brad Kissinger, DT, Celina; Jacob Vincent, DT, Celina; JD Blagg, DE, Aubrey; Michael Holt, DE, Krum; Jaden Mahan, ILB, Van Alstyne; Martavious Hill, ILB, Aubrey; Gavin Flores, ILB, Krum; Wes Huber, OLB, Aubrey; Jameson Driver, OLB, Celina; Ashton Lovell, OLB, Krum; Taylor Kern, OLB, Krum; Kyle Wellman, OLB, Sanger; Mateen Boudoin, CB, Van Alstyne; Kameron Fields, CB, Aubrey; Kyle Watts, CB, Sanger; Jackson Allen, S, Van Alstyne; Collin McKiddy, S, Celina.

District 7-4A Division I

MVP: Sam Fennegan, QB, Melissa

Offensive Player of the Year: Ashton Mitchell-Johnson, RB, Melissa

Defensive Player of the Year: Michael Madrie, DE, Argyle

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Draden Fullbright, RB, Terrell

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Jacob Fields, S, Melissa

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Sheridan Wilson, OL, Argyle

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Nigel Smith, DL, Melissa

Utility Player of the Year: Riley Van Poppel, ATH, Argyle

Coaching Staff of the Year: Melissa


Jett Copeland, QB, Argyle; Lyric Tredwell, RB, Paris; Chase Bingman, RB, Terrell, Jambres Dubar, RB, Anna; Braxton Garmon, RB, Kaufman; Naylon Dickerson, WR, Kaufman; Jayvon Smith, WR, Melissa, Malachi Brooks, WR, Anna; Khari Deshay, WR, Carrollton Ranchview; Ward McCollum, WR, Argyle; Grant Chaney, TE, Argyle; Taton Hicks, OL, Kaufman; Ty Girouard, OL, Melissa; Seth Pintor, OL, Melissa; Nick Rubien, OL, Argyle; Trevor Goosby, OL, Melissa; Dominik Reed, OL, Argyle; Owen Hollenbeck, OL, Melissa.


Ethan Gonzales, DL, Argyle; Cobie Miller, DL, Anna, Abraham Ndofor, DL, Anna; Caleb Otlewski, DL, Melissa; Justin Mays, DL, Melissa; CJ Miller, LB, Anna; Jordan Nalls, LB, Kaufman; Jayson Cave, LB, Melissa; Kale Brakebill, LB, Melissa; Carson Shaw, LB, Argyle; Daylon Dickerson, DB, Kaufman, Kanye Nix, DB, Terrell; Dax Horany, DB, Argyle; Parrish Adger, DB, Melissa; Caden Dodson, K/P, Argyle.


Luke Hohenberger, QB, Paris; Peyton Shoemake, RB, Argyle; Nathan Adejokun, RB, Melissa; Kyndell Trudeau, WR, Kaufman; Johnathan Brown, WR, Anna; Hayden Stuart, WR, Argyle; Wayne Pritts, WR, Argyle; Preston Kilgore, TE, Terrell; Gunnar Wilson, TE, Melissa; Jay Heath, OL, Paris; Andres Medina, OL, Carrollton Ranchview; Jorge Garcia, OL, Kaufman; Preston Harper, OL, Paris; JR Box, OL, Anna; Branden Matthews, OL, Kaufman; Nathan Paik, OL, Carrollton Ranchview; Josh Nwankpa, OL, Terrell.


Malachi Williams, DL, Terrell; Dylan Smith, Melissa; Satchel Swain, DL, Paris; Jadon Scarlett, DL, Argyle; Trent Tennon, DL, Paris; Bardia Barati, DL, Carrollton Ranchview; Isaac Leija, DL, Kaufman; Willie Boyd, DL, Anna; Mason Ashton, LB, Kaufman; Grant Mirabal, LB, Argyle; Dalton Wittwer, LB, Melissa; Trevin Hohenberger, LB, Paris; Cade Moore, DB, Argyle; Will Ramsey, DB, Argyle; Dycurian Douglas, DB, Paris; Christian Shivers, DB, Carrollton Ranchview; Andres Gallegos, K, Kaufman; Aiden Pintor, K, Melissa; Colton Brunke, P, Terrell; Cody Vega, P, Anna.

District 4-3A Division I

Co-MVP: Kutter Wilson, RB, Brock; Nathan Jones, TE, Brock; Aydon Cox, ATH, Pilot Point

Co-Offensive Player of the Year: Tyler Moody, QB, Brock; Gunner McElroy, QB, Peaster

Co-Defensive Player of the Year: Sterling Gartin, LB, Whitesboro; Kadyn Mathews, DT, Brock

Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year: Landon Cearly, OL, Brock; Joe Green, OL, Ponder

Co-Defensive Lineman of the Year: Paul Velten, DL, Whitesboro; Colton Stephenson, DL Brock

Co-Special Teams Player of the Year: Eli Potts, K, Brock; Rhett Steen, K, Peaster

Utility Player of the Year: Rendyn Lamance, ATH, Boyd

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Hunter Faye, DL, Brock

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Austin Iglesias, WR, Paradise

Coaching Staff of the Year: Brock


Mac Harper, QB, Whitesboro; Wyatt Smith, QB, Pilot Point; Tramar Gilbert, RB, Peaster; Ish Harris, RB, Pilot Point; Zach Brewster, FB, Brock; Jake Hermes, WR, Whitesboro; Diego Hernandez, WR, Brock; Landon Holley, Wr, Paradise; Case Peacock, WR, Ponder; Brody Williams, TE, Peaster; Cody Vessels, OL, Whitesboro; Hunter Wade, OL, Bowie; Cade Harris, OL, Brock; Trace Roger, OL, Brock; Aaron Strittmatter, OL, Pilot Point; Carlos Perez, K, Paradise; Elias Aljoes, K, Pilot Point.


Isaiah Chappell, DT, Whitesboro; Juke Kelley, DT, Ponder; Zach Shivers, DT, Brock; Dakota Barrow, DT, Boyd; Kyler Murphree, DE, Whitesboro; Cole Faires, DE, Peaster; Cam Harris, DE, Brock; Michael Nelson, DE, Boyd; Jace Sanders, ILB, Whitesboro; Curly Brockman, ILB, Pilot Point; Dillon Mueller, ILB, Brock; Jacob Smith, OLB, Whitesboro; Casey Nocks, OLB, Paradise; Zach Brewster, OLB, Brock; Josh Gleaton, OLB, Brock; Sean Schares, CB, Whitesboro; Jax Powell, CB, Brock; Reid Watkins, CB, Brock; Torran Naglestad, S, Whitesboro; Ish Harris, S, Pilot Point; Carson Finney, S, Brock; Carter Stainton, punter, Paradise.


Carter Stainton, QB, Paradise; Clifton Cooper, QB, Ponder; Asher Contreras, RB, Whitesboro; Will Johnson, RB, Paradise; Jake Fallis, FB, Bowie; Juke Kelley, FB, Ponder; Sean Schares, WR, Whitesboro; Mason Turner, WR, Boyd; Bain Shanklin, WR, Brock; Rhett Steen, WR, Peaster; Hayes Hutcherson, WR, Ponder; Dillon Cope, TE, Ponder; Jacob Castillo, OL, Whitesboro; Colby Price, OL, Boyd; Brock Riker, OL, Brock; Cooper Sharp, OL, Peaster; Alfonso Ortiz, OL, Pilot Point; Bryan DeLeon, OL, Ponder; Brody Baker, K, Brock.


Bryan Arellano, DT, Bowie; Jace Wilder, DT, Boyd; Tyler Stageman, DT, Peaster; Eddie Gaytan, DT, Pilot Point; Wyatt Albritton, DE, Brock; Koby Dickens, ILB, Paradise; Cannon Kelley, ILB Peaster; Collin Lynch, ILB, Pilot Point; Trey Kysiak, ILB, Ponder; Jayce Sanders, OLB, Whitesboro; Case Ferguson, OLB, Boyd; Baline Watson, OLB, Paradise; Tramar Gilbert, OLB, Peaster; Mason Hodges, OLB, Ponder; Karter Sluder, CB, Whitesboro; Lane Medlock, CB, Boyd; Jhett Jones, CB, Brock; Devin Melton, S, Bowie; Ty Steedley, S, Peaster; Gunner McElroy, S, Peaster; Zane Cassidy, S, Ponder; Clay Hermes, P, Whitesboro.

STEVE GAMEL can be reached at 469-360-3611 and via Twitter at @NewspaperSteve.

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