Subscription Agreement

Print subscriptions are available for USPS mail delivered subscribers. Print delivery is Saturday (weekend). Most print subscribers within Denton zips will receive same day delivery. Digital only subscriptions are available.

All print subscriptions will include four Premium Issues per year and 12 monthly Puzzle Books. For each Premium Issue, your account balance will be charged an additional $1.99 in the billing period when the issue publishes, which will result in shortening the length of your billing period.

The promotional or introductory rate is effective for the term of the subscription. Following the term the Denton Record-Chronicle will continue to provide product and services at the then current rate until you notify us to cancel your subscription. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Print Subscription Refunds over $10.00 will be sent via check on the 15th of the month following the cancellation. Any refund amount under $10.00 will be donated to the Newspaper in Education program unless a refund is specifically requested.

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