Clearly, our great nation is on a rapid decline – physically, mentally and spiritually. A nation founded under God is now authored under confusion of which God is not. Yes, the ship of state is taking on water and she appears to be barely held afloat financially by her world-accepted dollar, which is quickly losing all of its backing in faith and assets.

Someone has to bear the blame for this destruction. Human nature requires it. Is it the Democrats, the Republicans, the far left, the far right, President Joe Biden, Donald Trump, the universities, white privilege, the media, etc.?

Some of our parents saw World War I; many saw the Great Depression and World War II, and most, a strict moral and religious upbringing. When World War II ended, America grew prosperous. Our parents were ready to enjoy the pleasures not obtainable in hard years past. Then they lavished their new rewards on us and perhaps glanced sideways at behavior that was not according to their “strict upbringing.”

We saw racial inequities, we saw limited wars in Korea and Vietnam, we saw Woodstock and the emerging drug culture, we saw a president assassinated, we saw the inside of a church with our parents, and we danced, and we sang and we slumbered, for we had our own good life to pursue.

We ignored poverty, we saw a president create welfare, we saw children having children, we saw the fall of the family unit and the crisis of single mothers, we saw the transfer of our future retirement, Social Security, into the general money pot — and we danced, and sang and slumbered.

We saw the national debt Cape-Canaveral to the moon, we saw drug addiction “exponentiate,” we saw American jobs outsourced overseas, we saw our factories tumble and return with foreign products, we saw morals evaporate, we saw a government trying to fix social problems without success and often creating more problems, we saw criminals and liars become our leaders — and we danced, and we sang and we slumbered.

Who are we that could have altered this path for the fall of a nation? It is those born somewhere between the 1930s and the 1950s — not all of these, but many of these, these of the upper and middle class, these who had the means to make a difference and slept.

As the fruits of our indifference appear evident, we bellow like old, wounded bulls, outcast by a younger herd. We holler in the media, vocally and in print. We place sarcastic memes and belligerent rants on the internet — possibly for nought. And we hurt as our breed ages toward extinction.

Yes. We are to blame. As Pogo so aptly expressed it about the degradation of his pristine forest, a once beautiful land now covered with trash, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

JOHN T. THORNGREN is a resident of Shady Shores.

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