“If you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

In any venture, business or otherwise, an increase in success rates is not only prized but sought after. Who continues any endeavor where achievement levels remain static year after year and expectations never rise above yesterday’s ideas and aspirations, even erasing gains? Yet that seems to be the strategy of states like Texas, with Republican governors and majorities in their legislatures.

Although states with Democratic majorities are working on expansive voter legislation, the opposite is true with GOP-controlled state legislatures, according to the Brennan Center for Justice.

Why does one political party continually shift the goalposts and inhibit voting rights for many? Their bogus claim that massive voter fraud exists in this country has been proven over and over to be a false narrative.

These voter suppression attempts are little more than contriving a solution where no problem exists. In doing so, the GOP tacitly engages in the shiny object syndrome, which draws voters’ attention away from their failed leadership.

If you really think that GOP efforts seriously want to “secure and strengthen state election systems,” then ask yourself why Georgia politicians just passed legislation that, among other suppressive measures, criminalizes innocuous efforts that simply provide food and water for voters facing long lines to gain access to fewer voting booths.

This restrictive law is but a sample of similar legislation making its way through other GOP-controlled state legislatures in an effort to hold onto power that they otherwise can’t achieve with legislation that appeals to groups outside a select constituency, often bent on refuting any change that tries to accommodate our growing multicultural society.

The Trump variation of the GOP has become heavily invested with wealthy corporate interests along with religious and white cultural extremists. They’ve demonstrated they care less about the rule of law than they do about ruling. This allows them to pass measures advantaging their approving base, often to the detriment of millions their party excludes.

If the Republican Party ever really wanted to achieve a big tent status like their Democratic counterparts, they apparently no longer do. Instead, the GOP’s agenda today avoids serving a broad-based constituency to win elections, focusing almost exclusively on vote rigging, fear-mongering and demonizing their political adversaries.

Critical issues that address health coverage, climate change, sane gun control measures, Social Security funding and the increasing concentration of wealth are often superseded with meaningless “cancel culture” themes like Mr. Potato Head’s gender and the publisher’s removal of some Dr. Seuss books with racist tropes.

GOP-controlled state legislatures are currently reviewing the vote-denying practice of gerrymandering. One that gives them an edge in most voting districts. Couple this with their current efforts to further suppress voter rights, and you begin to see a party that has stared too long into the abyss.

We become our own worst enemy when we continue to cast votes that sustain the status quo, becoming the victims of Einstein’s definition of insanity. The world waits and watches to see if we slip into that abyss that could cancel our 234-year experiment with democracy.

LARRY BECK, a longtime Denton resident, writes routinely on the local, state and national sociopolitical issues of our time on his blog, As I See It at asiseeyt.blogspot.com.

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