The three Trump-appointed justices to the Supreme Court — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett — have shown themselves to be the Supreme Cowards.

Roe v. Wade has been the foremost social issue gripping the country for the past 50 years, an issue that demanded the justices stand up to their responsibilities to equal the gravitas the court brought to the original decision. They could have scheduled and heard proponents from both sides of the issue, questioned the foremost legal scholars, plummeted the depth a feeling from across the nation and debated among themselves with well-reasoned arguments for their decision.

All of this Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. wanted them to do by issuing a temporary stay and sending it back to the lower courts for an extensive review, but in defiance, they snuck into the secretive, rarely used shadow docket to eliminate Roe in Texas without comment regarding its constitutionality. Like scared rats, they scuttled away from their responsibilities.

Religionists, many of whom masquerade as Christians, are delighted. They have plagued humankind throughout history by appointing themselves as the right hand of God’s justice in order to mutilate homosexuals, to torture and burn women as witches, to conduct inquisitions and destroy heretics, to exterminate Jews, to isolate and lynch non-whites, and as evil moves them, to engage in pointless wars with each other.

Today, they consider praiseworthy those who murder abortion providers and destroy women’s clinics. Not one of them has been able to prove to me biblically that God disapproves of a woman seeking an abortion.

Normally, laws are enforced by police, who have enormous legal protections from the state to do their jobs. Even bounty hunters are regulated, for they must be peace officers or Level III security guards or private investigators. The ones responsible for enforcing this anti-abortion law are vigilantes, the same people who lynched Black people, and they have no legal protections.

The Republican-led Texas Legislature has created a dystopia, the worst of all possible worlds. The vigilantes made up a list of anonymous tips about who is seeking or helping achieve an abortion, but without government oversight, Dan Patrick’s name could be added.

Emboldened by SB 8, vigilantes could pursue women desperate for an abortion because of rape or incest. With the Legislature’s expansion of rationales for using guns, these women’s fathers and brothers could perceive the vigilantes as aggressors assaulting their women. Knowing their right to stand their ground, they could shoot the vigilantes.

At best, women could give birth to a generation of babies, unwanted and unloved, to wreak havoc on society in the future.

WALTER LINDROSE is a Denton resident and frequent contributor to this page.

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