The past couple of weeks have been unforgettable in Texas. One might say they have been unprecedented, historical and perhaps even bizarre. It appears to some that the state Legislature has given the Republicans everything they want.

Postings on social media and comment sections have been extreme, with Republicans proclaiming that we finally have a Christian state and Democrats shouting that we are approximating Nazi Germany. Perhaps the fundamentalists believe that forcing these laws upon liberals will result in more people coming to Jesus. And perhaps the liberals believe they are being persecuted.

I am really tired of politics and politicians, aren’t you? Even the thought of writing about politics is depressing. So let’s not. Let’s talk about things that really matter; let’s talk family.

Do you remember when your first child was born? Of course you do. It is one of the most significant moments in anyone’s life. For me, it was an incredibly emotional time.

My (then) wife Emily and I decided that we would have our baby through the Lamaze method. That meant that I would be right there in the room with Emily when she had our baby. She did all the work, and I was her support.

There are multiple reactions to being present at the birth of a baby human. Some people say it is the greatest miracle they have ever seen. Others say it is like being in a car wreck. Both are probably right. It is a wondrous event filled with blood and pain.

For me, it was miraculous. Emily did all the bleeding and hurting while I fed her ice chips, let her squeeze my hand and told her words of comfort.

I remember the umbilical cord was a beautiful milky white tube with exquisite purple stripes spiraling around it. And I am proud to tell you that I was the first person on earth ever to set eyes on my little girl. After the birth, the doctor said he had some repair work to do and told me to go with the baby to the nursery. I gladly did.

At the nursery, they cleaned her up and put a diaper on her, then asked me if I wanted to hold her. Of course I said yes.

There was a radio at the nurses’ station playing quietly. When the nurse handed my baby to me, right at that magical moment the radio started to play Joe Cocker singing, “You are so beautiful to me.”

Never in my life had a song captured the moment as well as that. It said, “You’re everything I hoped for, everything I need.” I looked at the face of the tiny angel with black curly hair, and in a few seconds, I loved her with all my heart. More than I had ever loved anyone in my life save Emily.

As the years and the decades have gone by, that love has held steady and even grown so that I love Rebecca more now than I loved her on that beautiful day when she was born. And there is no doubt I will continue to love her the rest of my life.

That’s much better than talking politics, don’t you think so?

RAMIRO VALDEZ has been a frequent guest columnist in the Denton Record-Chronicle and is a retired area counselor. He welcomes feedback and suggestions via letters to the editor or emailed to

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