Vote yes for park land

The Nov. 5 election includes four bond propositions totaling $221.5 million. Proposition C is asking for $5 million for park land acquisition. Voters should know why the 19-member citizens commission considered parks as vital as roads.

The city currently has 1,125 acres of developed park land, below the national median of 1,174 for cities our size. The city has a modest goal of maintaining a park within a 10-minute walk for everyone, whereas now that’s true for only 41% of our residents. The $5 million could purchase an estimated 62.5 acres and get us into the national median.

Those are the numbers, and we heard a lot of them over the several months of weekly meetings, during which we selected the projects to be included. But most of us don’t vote only by numbers; we also vote with our hearts.

The revelation for me came when I was exploring Google maps of the areas of Denton that are being most developed. Everyone should do the same. Look at the areas that are being bulldozed to make way for developments, and look at where the dark, treed areas are — open space. Those dark areas are the lungs of our city, cleaning the air and providing spaces for our children to play.

Imagine what that map will look like in five years. Park land is needed now, before land values become prohibitively high, and before every one of those dark areas becomes a sea of roofs.

Vote Yes on Proposition C.

Karen DeVinney,


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