The city of Denton is at a critical juncture in its history, with District 3 being the real hot spot.

Major residential and corporate developments are being planned by wealthy investors not living in our district, bringing large amounts of money to local campaigns from special interest groups that are attempting to politicize what is supposed to be a nonpartisan City Council election. This is being done to advance their selfish financial interests, at the expense of the residents of this city, by diverting our tax dollars to reducing the costs of their own developments, instead of those taxes being used to enhance the quality of life of the residents of Denton.

My choice for City Council District 3 is Diana Leggett, because I believe that Diana really will stand up to the special interest groups that are seeking to take control of District 3 for their own benefit. She will support equal rights for all Dentonites, as she has promised to do, at a time when bigotry is still alive and well in our city.

So please do not be complacent. Get out and vote on Saturday. Let’s use our tax dollars for the residents of Denton and not give them to billionaires who do not live here. If we allow outsiders to buy our City Council members, we will not recognize Denton a decade from now.

Vote for Diana — she will work for you and not for them.

Phillip W. Young,


I wanted to learn more about Argyle when moving here in 2014 and began attending monthly meetings of both the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Town Council. It was quite a surprise to see residents almost in tears, and yet the large developments were voted on and passed with seemingly no regard for the residents.

In 2017, Argyle residents made a huge statement by replacing those decision-makers. Both Ronald Schmidt, Place 2, and Dr. Cynthia Hermann, Place 4 (who was appointed to fill Todd Mankin’s place), have made tremendous changes in leadership and governance, and the town of Argyle now seems like a much happier place to call home.

I’ve seen Dr. Hermann make the transition from Planning & Zoning to Town Council and feel that she is a terrific choice going forward. Dr. Hermann and Ronald Schmidt were deeply involved in working with the committee of officials and residents who developed Argyle’s Vision Statement and Guiding Principles in 2018.

In all the meetings I’ve attended over the years, I have seen one opposing candidate in attendance, and that was as a spectator. In my humble opinion, I feel that anyone wanting to hold these positions should be involved in the process at some level before taking on a role to make decisions that can affect all of us.

An example is their interest in improving roads in our town when that project has been in the works for almost two years and set to begin this summer.

Marcella Barden,


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