Sheryl English moved to Denton in 2002; she has served our Denton community for years, in our city, county and within our Denton ISD. Sheryl has been in business as a local Realtor since 2003, and prior to that, she was a realtor in Los Angeles for 14 years.

My vote goes to her because she has been a resident of Denton for 19 years, works in Denton, and her children attended and graduated from Guyer High School within the Denton ISD. This matters!

She has volunteered actively within our city for over 15 years and will be a positive asset to our Denton school board. Below is a list of her community service:

  • Denton Public School Foundation Board
  • DISD Bond Committee 2013 and 2018
  • DISD Education Improvement Committee
  • Campus leadership for Guyer High School
  • Guyer High School PTSA
  • PTA council for Denton
  • DISD Bond Progress Committee
  • United Way Board Workforce Success Leadership Committee
  • Denton Police Advisory Committee
  • Denton Chamber of Commerce
  • DISD Safety Committee

I want to vote for someone who knows us and has been a part of our community. Sheryl is that person and will help the Denton ISD to be successful in any facet of our hometown.

Dorothy A. Martinez,

Past Denton ISD school board trustee

April 26 will be 17 years since I was severely wounded in Baghdad, Iraq, while serving in the Army. After the explosion, I spent 20 months down in San Antonio recovering from third-degree burns over 40% of my body. Despite challenges, I had bright days that gave me the hope and will to survive.

Many of those days included hearing from old friends, coaches and teachers from my time as a student in Keller ISD. The compassion provided to my family provided a sense of community for which I am forever grateful. Now, I am raising a family in Northwest ISD, one of the fastest-growing school districts in Texas.

On May 1, voters will have the opportunity to keep the economic engine of southern Denton County and the Greater Alliance area roaring with job growth and excellent schools. Voting YES on all four bond propositions on the ballot allows the school district to sell bonds for funds to build safe and equitable schools, athletic facilities and provide educational technology to students like my son and his friends.

Despite state legislators’ ill-decision to mandate confusing ballot language, voting YES will not increase residents’ property tax rate. School finance is complicated, but voting no will not lower the tax rate.

I hope stakeholders in the community have enough empathy to see kids thrive through resiliency like I had growing up. Please vote YES on all four Northwest ISD bond propositions.

Joe Washam,


What do we want in a school board member?

Someone who knows our community: Barbara Burns and her husband, a retired police officer, have lived in Denton for over 45 years.

Someone who knows our schools: Barbara’s three children came through Denton’s schools, and she taught here for 20 years.

Someone who knows our district: She has been on our school board for nine years and served as president for four of those.

Someone who knows our teachers and students: Barbara visits classrooms and attends many events on campuses and in the community.

Someone who is active in our community: Barbara belongs to several prominent organizations and has held offices in all.

Someone who understands school legislation: Barbara knows the laws and already has a rapport with legislators in Austin.

Someone who shares ideas with and learns from other school board members across the state: Barbara not only regularly attends Texas Association of School Boards meetings, she is a master trustee and makes presentations there.

Someone who is accessible for ideas or concerns: Because Barbara is actively involved in our community and in the schools, she talks to many parents and others about schools and students and programs.

Whatever it is you’re looking for in a good school board member, Barbara Burns is your person. She has already shown us that.

Barbara Burns is running for reelection for Place 1 on the Denton School Board, and she is the best candidate.

Cheryl Ellis,


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