Plenty of misconduct

I tire of the repeated dishonest misrepresentation of the Robert Mueller report. Trump enablers never mention that Mueller specifically “did not exonerate” the president or his election team?

Is judging the evidence as falling short of being provable in court the same as determining that unlawful acts were not likely committed? What about the Department of Justice policy memo that prevented Mueller, in his mind, from indicting a sitting president? In the absence of that memo, would this president have been indicted alongside Cohen, Manafort, Gates, Kilimnik, Flynn, Stone and the other 27 individuals?

What about the 10 instances of obstruction of justice detailed in Section 2? Each of those was recounted with sufficient documentation to substantiate all three requirements to prove each charge in court. What about the substantial redactions by Attorney General Barr?

There remain reasonable questions unanswered by the public, redacted version of the report. In short, there was plenty of misconduct either implied or substantiated by the Mueller report.

Richard Wheldon,


Strings being pulled

Forget all that the teacher in your civics class taught you about the great American experiment in representative democracy (and your history teacher, too). We have a new system now.

To see what sort of government we witness in our country now in the Trump era, we need only to see who his compatriots are. Let me see. There is Kim Jong Un with whom he has great rapport, so good that Kim does everything Trump requests. Well, no.

Then there is President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey, to whom Trump handed the Kurds. No matter that we promised them protection for their service to our cause. Yes, I know that President Obama did something similar, but after criticizing him for such a move, Trump did his own version of abandon the ally and cause more chaos.

Of course, Trump has distanced us from our most loyal allies, for that is an outcome of our new form of government.

I’ve saved the best pal of Trump for the last. You’ve probably guessed that Vladimir Putin is his best friend. Well, not his best friend but his puppet master. We have in Trump a puppet dictator, true to the playbook about subverting democracy and staying true to Russia’s desires.

What do you think is going on in the Ukraine affair? Next time you see Trump on television, squint and you will see the strings being pulled. And not just him; look at the crowd of puppets cheering him on. Putin’s hands are just out of the picture.

Russell Gregory,

Double Oak

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