Destitute Denton buildings

I’ve noticed that many buildings in Denton have fallen into desuetude. Usually, this wouldn’t be a problem, but when the structure begins to deteriorate, it becomes one.

These buildings present a problem to anyone or anything near them. When the material holding it up begins to decay, it creates the danger of falling — and if it does fall, it could fall on someone, injuring or killing them in the process!

To stop this from happening, I think we should fund a program to either take these unsafe buildings down or to fix them and make them safe again.

Lukas Swayne,


The cost of a death sentence 

As a resident of Denton County who is on a fixed income, I am troubled that our district attorney has chosen to press for the death penalty for Daniel Greco.

Mr. Greco is guilty of murder, but he can be removed from society with a “life without parole” sentence that effectively costs taxpayers one-third the cost of a death sentence. The DA is wasting taxpayer money.

Bob Michael,


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