Idea for Denton's DPS office

I have a suggestion for a temporary improvement to reduce the waiting times at the Denton office of the Department of Public Safety.

Would it be possible to open the office on Saturday and Sunday afternoons for drivers who wish to avoid wait times and are willing to pay an additional fee? Each driver on those days could be charged an additional $5 or $10, which would help to pay overtime for the staff who worked on those days.

I believe that most people would be willing to pay an additional amount in order to eliminate the current waiting times. This might sound like a crazy idea, but why not try it for one month on a trial basis to see how well it would work?

Lad Bednar,


Rising valuations help Shady Shores

Finally, the town of Shady Shores has found a way to stop the rising property taxes.

It’s probably the first in the state to devise a way to stop the progression of constant property increases. Lynn Stucky may want to weigh in on this realistic halt to our elected officials automatically adding more debt to property owners.

At a Thursday night special town meeting, the council heard from the mayor that an increase to property taxes was necessary. After listening to residents of Shady Shores, the council members heard that a new increase was not necessary due to the increase of property taxes by the value of property increasing in value because of higher values. These higher values will bring in enough tax revenue to offset increases until the real estate market has a downturn.

This new influx of money will give our council members the opportunity to halt this runaway dog chasing its tail. Now, the hard part for the town of Shady Shores: The council will vote Monday night at a regular meeting to accept a hefty tax increase or accept double taxation

Walt Vaughn,

Shady Shores

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