A full day’s work to get a license

I recently had to get my driver’s license renewed. I had to show up in person. I was not eligible for signing up online.

After several days of trying to schedule an appointment, to no avail, I was prepared to go to the Carrollton Mega Center.

I took the day off from work and showed up at 9 a.m. I planned the day out in my head — two hours at the Department of Public Safety, have a nice lunch, then go pick up my dog and go to the park. Yes, this was going to be a nice day off from work.


I left the mega center at 4:30 p.m. Yes, you saw that right: 7 1/2 hours to get my license renewed.

Thanks, Texas DPS. I really enjoyed my day off.

John R. Finley,


Close the gap for city’s lowest-paid

I hope it’s not too late to voice a protest against the 4% across-the-board raises for city employees.

This pay raise would only widen the gap between the lower tier and the highest paid at the top of the salary scale. I would like to see at least a 10% increase at the lower levels and a 1% or 0% raise for the top earners.

Close the gap and reward the workers who keep our city operating. Thanks to the Denton Record-Chronicle for disclosing these figures on salary comparisons. Some are really obscene.

John F. Duncan,


Help wish Bud a happy 90th

If you ever need a history lesson about Lewisville, EL McDaniel is who to contact!

He (goes by Bud) turns 90 years young on Sept. 16. We’d love for people to send him birthday cards and well wishes! He would be so tickled reading them all.

Please help me spread the word. Send to: EL McDaniel, P.O. Box 271439, Flower Mound, TX 75027-1439

Jennifer McDaniel,

Double Oak

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