Logjam didn’t form all of a sudden

On Sept. 14, the front-page photo showing part of a massive logjam intrigued me.

I fish this portion of the Elmo Fork three to four times a year, and I’ve watched for the past six years the logjam getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

The Greenbelt Park off U.S. Highway 380 hasn’t been open in years. I’ve personally dealt with the infamous Army Corps of Engineers in South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

Now I don’t like to say unkind things about organizations, even if they are true, but the “Corps” has known about this problem on the river and has ignored it for years. Why? Because the corps generally will not remediate a problem until it becomes so acute that lives are at stake.

I would be glad to see the Elm Fork waterway opened up. Back when I was in high school, we could navigate it for quite a distance; not today, unfortunately. Maybe the corps will prove me wrong and lay out a plan to open the waterway.

I know they’ve got the manpower and equipment. Perhaps they’re waiting until disaster strikes. A good disaster is always good front-page stuff, and human blood greases the skids of progress far better than any axle grease.

J. Aaron Cundall,


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