Blood on the hands of lawmakers

The earth stood still not because of climate change or monster hurricanes, but because of a horrific shooting spree in Odessa/Midland, Texas, on Aug. 31, killing seven people and wounding 22 others, including a 17-month old toddler.

Just two weeks ago in El Paso, a shooter killed 22 people, injuring 27. Sadly, Texas has not learned anything about gun safety. A day after the latest shooting, Texas’ new firearms laws went into effect loosening gun restrictions that allow guns in churches, apartments, on school grounds and foster homes. Shameless lawmakers blame mental health and video games on mass shootings. These do not kill people, but guns do.

Every time there is a senseless death from gun violence, there is blood on the hands of lawmakers who keep making guns accessible. We must elect lawmakers who care about human life and not overwhelm our communities with guns.

There are too many guns and too many people dying. Every day, our quality of life is diminished when we no longer feel safe in our homes, places of worship, schools, theatres, roadways or anywhere.

Mary C. Taylor,


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