Lower speeds could save lives

The wreck on Interstate 35E that killed a man is just the proof of how dangerous the roads in Denton are. This was the 10th fatal car crash in Denton so far this year, according to the Denton Record-Chronicle’s Sept. 18 article.

So I propose that we should lower the speed limits on I-35E to reduce crashes. Even if there is a crash at the lower speed, it will less likely be fatal. I know you would say it would increase the time that you would spend driving, but would it be worth it?

Jacob Turner,


Expediting road work

Every Wednesday, my dad and I have to leave an hour early to make it to my baseball practice on time. The traffic is horrible due to there being about eight roads being worked on at a time. Other people most likely feel the same about the situation. You have about three guys working on a road at a time. That makes the process of fixing the side of the road a lot longer.

If you worked on two or three roads at a time, you could have more people working on a road. It wouldn’t take longer than it’s currently taking. The due date would be closer to when the company started construction.

On the upside, a lot less people would be mad. People who have jobs far away from their homes could get to work a little faster.

Garrett Martin,


Nature is art, we should protect it 

There have been a lot of environmental issues that have occurred that have made our environment less clean; most of these problems include trash and plastic being thrown away in roads, rivers, lakes, etc.

This trash is causing animals’ environments to be dirty, especially turtles’ habitat. Their habitat is being contaminated by all this trash; trash doesn’t belong there, and it endangers the animals in that habitat.

I personally think we humans should acknowledge the amount of trash we are throwing into their habitats, and how we’re hurting them. There are many machines and clubs helping their environments, but in my opinion, I think we should be the ones cleaning and helping their environments be clean.

We should view their environments as works of art, because without them it wouldn’t all be the same, and we should care about their environment like we care about our lives.

This trash is contaminating the air and may cause future breathing problems if this issue doesn’t get resolved.

Linda Soto,

McMath Middle School,


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