Congratulations DISD

Congratulations and thanks to Denton ISD Superintendent Jamie Wilson and the DISD Board of Trustees for their far-sighted, economically smart and environmentally wise decisions to install solar panels, a rainwater collection system and strong tornado protection at the recently opened Union Park Elementary School in Little Elm.

It is hoped that existing DISD school buildings will soon be retrofitted with similar money-saving, safety and eco-friendly assets.

Ed Soph,


Law should redeem not destroy

When a governmental body takes someone into custody, as the custodian of that person, it is responsible for the care and well-being of that person. People who are incarcerated are not there by choice and, whether they have broken a law or not, do not deserve to have insult added to injury by being denied proper care.

For far too long our system of justice has been run to dish out punishment, rather than give fair treatment to the people it has assumed responsibility for by locking them up. We have lost sight of the original intent of the law, to wit to redeem, rather than destroy.

John Zeigler,


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