Making Denton proud

Congratulations to Randy Hunt, president of Historic Denton, for securing the approval of the Texas Historical Commission for the John B. Denton College Neighborhood Historic District. For a city to have an area listed on the National Register of Historic Places is highly prestigious, one more thing for Denton residents to take pride in.

It should be noted that Randy spent 500-plus hours laboriously researching the history of the more than 500 buildings that make up the district, having them photographed and writing the extensive narrative required by the application. Many cities hire firms, paying fees that run into tens of thousands of dollars, to do the research and deliver an application, but Randy did all of this for our city without pay.

Hats off to Randy Hunt. You make us proud!

Dolores Vann,


Young people standing up

Kudos to so many young people from all over the world taking a stand against a very real threat to their future on this planet. They are not buying the ridiculous excuses for refuting the world’s best scientists when it comes to climate change.

And as for those who don’t think they should have been excused from their classes to protest, I think it is a far better reason than when many schools and parents found it OK to keep their children home due to President Obama being televised in the classrooms to encourage education. Some may recall how notes from the schools here in Texas and other states were sent to parents warning them that Obama would be televised, and their children had permission to miss school.

I still can’t believe that really happened.

Dana Isaac,


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