Pollution is killing our planet

Our Earth is dying because people are not caring about the Earth and what happens to it. Littering is a very big problem, and people are not aware of that.

When there is a lot of trash, there is pollution. Pollution is getting worse as people keep on littering. There is so much litter in the oceans, wildlife is dying. The waste comes up onto the shores of islands or beaches from other places, making it look like the dump and unappealing.

In order to change that and help save our Earth, some rules might need to be changed or bent. For the pollution problem, I was thinking that maybe there could be different cleaning groups with volunteers who help clean up the oceans and all the junk.

An idea for the littering problem would be that people actually report it when they see someone littering. The should also be way more strict about littering. The fees should be higher for littering so people are more concerned about littering.

I think this would help a lot for the environment and life.

Julia Lee,

McMath Middle School,


We don’t need war with Iran

The U.S. should not go to war with Iran. We are still enmeshed in Afghanistan and Iraq, both seemingly endless commitments, neither of which has resulted in long-term stability. War with Iran would likely be a disaster resulting in widespread war in the Middle East.

Donald Trump was quoted as saying the Saudis would have involvement in anything the U.S. might choose to do, and that would involve payment, suggesting we would serve as the Saudis’ mercenaries. If the Saudis choose to fight Iran, they should do so with their military.

Saudi Arabia is involved in a civil war in Yemen that has become a humanitarian crisis. The Saudi government was complicit in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Further, Saudi Arabia is a major violator of human rights, imprisoning activists and those critical of the regime.

For the U.S. to go to war on the side of Saudi Arabia would further damage our reputation, not only in the Middle East but worldwide.

Jack Ramsey,


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