They keep wanting more

I think I am a little confused. Every year, the Denton Central Appraisal District increases the value of my home 10%. Each year, the city, county and school district all state, “Oh, we will not raise your tax rates.” My tax amount due is still 10% more. I see that they all increase their income each year over 10%. They have more money to spend.

I read all year long how much the new schools cost. You can’t drive anywhere without running into road construction. I see the city, county and school districts spending money.

The tax incentives they give to the new companies to move to Denton is like a long-term loan taken out on behalf of Denton. The problem is the people of Denton didn’t approve the loan. Now the city, county and school district need the taxes they are not going to get from them. They say they need more tax money. They get a raise every year and still want more.

Texas is one of the highest-taxed states for homeowners. Other states do not pay taxes as high on their homes. We need to be careful or we could get taxed out of our homes.

Sunny Hinojos,


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