Complexities in the world

Isn’t it nice that we can now turn to science in addition to the Bible to support our belief in our superiority over The Other? However, the world isn’t black or white, and binary thinking, including thinking differences in brain physiology is the key, will never lead us to an understanding of why The Other thinks and acts differently than we do.

I like to keep in mind this thought when I think about things I read or see: “Not only is everything more complicated than we think, it is far more complex than we can imagine.”

Adopt it, and you’ll find a sense of compassion to be a nice side benefit.

Greg Hawk,


Hateful rant

John Weber’s “Hades boatman” letter to the editor in the Sept. 3 Denton Record-Chronicle caught my eye. As I read, I became more and more appalled at his hateful rant. I’ve never found his letters to be anything but logical.

In an effort to separate fact from vitriol, I attempted to look up the scientific study he referred to. While it is available, one has to either be a member or pay $10 for a copy of the study.

While I’m willing to do my homework, I’m unwilling to put off parsing Mr. Weber’s diatribe. In rereading his letter, I was struck by the fact that there were only two quotations followed by Mr. Weber’s “therefore” and “thus.” Those two words were followed by his opinion alone.

I have to say, the majority of the rest of the letter vilifying anyone who doesn’t share his views points to the fact that maybe he’s one of those “close-minded and dogmatic” conservatives he so “ethically, intelligently and morally” summed up for the rest of us ignorant masses.

Come on, John, when’s the last time you actually listened to a Republican and tried to have a meaningful dialogue?

Danna Zoltner,


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