New spot will be far from campus

It is interesting that they are moving the Seven Mile Cafe to Loop 288 because they lack space in their current location.

Owner Kevin Klingele said the reason they are opening a new one is because they are always busy and serve big parties. The waits are about an hour or more, and because of that, they tend to lose customers. They also didn’t have enough space to serve such large parties. This reason being, he decided to open up a newer and bigger location.

A reason they are opening a new one is because of the waits. Now what would happen if the same problem occurs again? How would you go about this, and what would you do to fix this problem? Would you build a new one and close down this one, or would you have two locations in Denton? Or maybe would you just not deal with it?

Since the old one was located near Texas Woman’s University, a lot of students tend to go there because of how close it is. Would you not lose customers because of the new location? How do you think this would affect your business?

Ciara Gomez,


Real self-love takes practice

How to love yourself? You can’t. Self-loathing is similar to a contagious disease. It affects the life of the contractor considerably and the lives of everyone around them. So the cure must be to love yourself, right? Not that easy.

One does not simply love oneself. Not on their own, anyways. Much like growing children, they have to be presented with an example first. Like: “You work hard” or “Your drawings are so beautiful” or even the more farfetched and shallow “You’re smart.”

Often, though, that is not quite enough to raise someone’s self-esteem. One day, one movement, is not enough to teach a baby to walk. “I love that you’re always there for me,” or, “Stay in this bed even though you snore” sounds much more filling.

Actual, real love doesn’t have to be flirtatious or romantic. It just has to be honest. A baby needs buckets of patience and care, days and days until they can walk on their own.

“You’re enough.” That’s enough.

Grace Jing,


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