Karma lies in wait

Please try to imagine the flood of fear that might overtake you if your child or grandchild were facing some life-threatening illness. What lengths would you consider in order to save their life? More than likely, you would seek the best possible treatment available for that child.

Now, consider what the president of the United States — Donald Trump — is attempting to do to these children who are literally fighting for their very lives. Their families have received letters from the Trump administration advising that they have 33 days to leave this country. In most cases, they would be returning to countries where the most basic care is not available.

When we consider all the corruption, evil, world chaos, environmental destruction, inhumane and insane actions of this president, nothing comes even close to what he is about to do to these children. And while aiming the shame at Trump, we need to send the Rev. Robert Jeffress down the walk of shame for his support of this evil being in the White House.

Any minister who can stand in a pulpit with one hand even close to a Bible and say aloud the praises of Trump should be ridiculed every day of his miserable life. I trust that Dante’s Hell has a 10th circle that will be laid just for the likes of any minister guilty of taking up Trump’s banner.

Sometimes karma lies in wait for just the right time to render justice.

Jack Highfill,


Selling one's self respect

Fifty years ago, Las Cruces, I knew of a guy who had learned how to break the lead/wire seals on box cars and steal booze. The paper said his room was full of stolen hooch.

He was a thief. He may have been a good guy, but he was a thief. I was in college, so free booze was a godsend, but even if he had given me free booze, I never would have called him a friend. I never would have wanted to associate myself with him.

I would not look back now and say what a “good” guy he was because he gave me free booze. I wanted nothing to do with him (I did not know him), and I would not want to be associated with him now in any way.

My self-respect is not worth a free bottle, or two, or any amount, for a short-term high.

When you read these pages, you see, over and over, “Yes Trump is a jerk, a liar, a threat to our security, probably a tax cheat, a grab ‘em by the ‘P’ guy, etc., but look what he has done for the economy. Look at the good things [never defined] he has done.”

The people who say these things have sold their souls for their own “free bottle of booze” and will carry that with them for the rest of their lives. It is interesting how quickly some will sell their self-respect for a “free short-term high.”

William Reed,


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