Do the ‘write’ thing

Donald Trump and Greg Abbott have held public offices, so you would think they should be well-educated for their positions. One was president of the United States and the other governor of Texas.

Recently, on a local news report, I was surprised to see that Abbott has the same educational problem as Trump.

This educational problem should have been corrected by the time both finished the second grade.

This problem was learning how to use the No. 2 pencil, regular-sized crayons and ink pens.

In the televised signing of the changes to the voting laws by Abbott, I was surprised to see Abbott used a Magic Marker to sign the new law and show his signature, as Trump always did. There was a slight difference — Abbott used more than one Magic Marker and gave them to other government officials at the signing.

Trump gave his Magic Marker to Mike Pence, who put the cap back on for future use. This was also televised during one of Trump’s signings.

If Dan Patrick got one of Abbott’s Magic Markers, I wonder if it is for him or to hold for future use by Abbott?

Abbott has called for a third special session to start on the 20th of this month. If he has any more televised signings, we will find out if it is really Patrick’s or if he is just holding it for Abbott, as Pence did for Trump.

If Abbott practices his first- and second-grade lessons, maybe he can sign new laws with a regular pen once this next session passes.

Daniel Christian,


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