Appraisal-tax needs to go

I can’t believe that the Denton City Council expects the residents of Denton to acquiesce a $48 tax “bump” as if this were a minor increase. This is misleading, outrageous, deceitful, disingenuous, callous — words fail me.

It is NOT the tax rate. It is the tax rate times (multiplied by) the appraised value for your property. The appraised value is set by an archaic-feudal-candy-jar system that has increased exponentially this year.

Wake up, people, and check your latest increased appraisal. The appraisal-tax system needs to be eliminated and replaced. See www.EliminatePropertyTax.com.

John Thorngren,

Shady Shores

Say ‘no’ to Beto 

Beto for governor?

What a candidate! He’s already espoused rounding up guns. And although he called it a “trial balloon,” he wanted to tax long-distance drivers, including truckers. These positions should play well in the Lone Star State.

Paul Knopick,