This fear is not fair

You know I used to worry about the monster under my bed. Now I worry if some monster is willing to kill to prove a point.

I don’t think it’s fair that I’m scared of leaving my house most days. The grieving families on the news, lives that didn’t seem all that important to the attacker. Imagine a stranger deciding that your life is an impediment on the development of this nation. So they just end it.

They end all that you’ve worked for. All that you have spent your precious time on, suddenly unimportant. You no longer breathe the crisp air that surrounds us but instead the darkened shadows of nothingness.

Melissa Castro,


Global warming is already here

Global warming is here! It is already disrupting life in the U.S.

The following effects are already here:

  • Ten percent of the U.S. population (34 million people) has already heated up more than 3.6 degrees, a mark a United Nations scientific panel says will result in severe and possibly irreversible effects.
  • Toxic algae is ruining lakes because they no longer freeze solid.
  • Hotter summers and more intense storms are threatening urban infrastructure and farmers’ income in the U.S. Midwest.
  • Pine beetles are destroying northern forests.
  • California’s Central Valley, which accounts for a quarter of U.S. food production, is being threatened by long droughts and more frequent wildfires.
  • Areas of the U.S. East Coast suffer from flooding caused by rising sea levels.

Meanwhile, 200 new natural gas plants are being built even though renewable energy would be cheaper. Worse, our president denies that global warming exists and has adopted policies that encourage more CO2 emissions.

Let’s hope that we can get a new president who will tackle the problem before it becomes much worse.

Bob Michaelsen,


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