American values left tattered

Thank you, Christian value voters, for helping to give us President Trump. Your single-issue, pro-life support for a foul-mouthed, multiple adulterer, women-molesting, lying, race-baiting, dictator-praising reprobate with one thoughtless tweet (after a phone conversation with one of his highly praised dictator pals, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, and a country where he has many other financial dealings besides his two branded towers) has unleashed a slaughter on the Kurds, our most important ally in the fight against ISIS in Syria.

His decision to withdraw troops from Syria without even consulting our military leaders is turning into a bloodbath and humanitarian crisis as I write these thoughts. How many parents, grandparents, men, women, children and even the unborn do you think will be slaughtered because of a single flip decision from your foul president? None of his disregard for human life, born or unborn, should come as any surprise to anyone who half-followed his ranting, railing campaign rallies that were never about unity, Christian values or American values, for that matter.

Certainly his actions since, separating children from their families entering this country for asylum from Central America and Mexico with no plan to reunite them and not even supporting the most basic of majority-supported gun control laws massacre after massacre, should have been pause for any follower of Jesus’ teachings.

Evangelicals have always railed against progressives’ moves as tearing at our moral fabric — it looks like they’ve torn it, and their values, in shreds.

Mike Pennington,


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