Fabrication versus fact 

If the brainwashed Republicans can’t mentally process what is being exposed about Donald Trump, they definitely need serious counseling. They have taken cult worship to an extreme not seen since the Manson Family.

It is amazing that the morally challenged believe all news sources are fake news except the propaganda channels and stations where they receive their conspiracy theories and fabrications.

Have they even attempted to listen to reported facts?

  • Trump conspired with Russia to interfere with our 2016 elections.
  • Trump conspired to remove sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Romania.
  • Trump conspired to pressure foreign leaders to investigate opponents for his political gain.
  • Trump conspired to use his office for financial gain.
  • Trump conspires to subvert investigations into his unethical conduct.
  • Trump conspired to make immigration a problem for his political gain.
  • Trump conspires to quash our free press and our democratic process.
  • Trump conspires to devastate our environmental protection programs.
  • Trump conspired to demolish the affordable health care act.
  • Trump conspires to dismantle our social support programs.
  • Trump conspires to sabotage green energy programs including wind turbines.
  • Trump conspires to discredit our CIA and FBI while supporting Russia.
  • Trump conspires to have China investigate his political rivals.
  • Trump conspires to start a civil war if he is impeached.

If you believe right-wing conspiracy theories, will you believe conspiracy facts? Probably not.

John Weber,


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