Re: The Oct. 22 Opinion page

Three comments about commentary in Oct. 22’s Opinion page:

No. 1: A 13-page assessment by a Texas Municipal League affiliate, assessing 26 new bills that affect Texas cities, suggests that House Speaker Dennis Bonnen succeeded in his goal “for this to be the worst session in the history of the Legislature for cities and counties.”

The document was distributed to Krum City Council members by Development Services Director Tom Elgin, who outlined negative effects several new laws would have on the city.

No. 2: Bob James’ assessment of John Okonski’s essay in the Oct. 17 page as satire triggers my reaction to the first column I read by Ann Coulter. I thought her essay was written by a liberal having fun with far-right attitudes.

I recall that about a decade ago, once a week the Record-Chronicle Opinion page featured columns by Coulter and the late Molly Ivins, true balanced content. I did realize that Coulter actually believed what she was writing. I noted that after Ivins died, the Coulter column was no longer published on this page.

No. 3: Cyrus Reed’s piece regarding EPA plans reminded me I’ve concluded that Big Business lobbyists’ emphasis on allegedly unproven “global warming” and “climate change” distracts our attention to the realities of air pollution. Breathing air contaminated by what we call “smog” is a health hazard, whether global warming or climate change exist.

Quoting Reed, “Worse still, Dallas and other Texas cities have unlawfully high levels of ozone, the primary component of smog.”

John Callarman,


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