70 mph is too fast

Is it just me or does anyone else feel that a 70 mph speed limit on Interstate 35 is a little excessive through town?

Of course, that means most of the drivers will run it on up to 75 or 80. I don’t know if the city or state sets these limits, but something needs to change.

Larry Roberts,


The elephant in the dark

Too many of us, including some authors of strident letters in the Denton Record-Chronicle, are so sure we’re right on various issues that we hate and demonize those who disagree, even those disagreeing objectively and respectfully. Because they disagree, they must be either stupid or evil enemies of humanity.

However, let’s consider the story of the elephant in the dark.

An elephant is placed in a dark room, and the locals, who have never seen an elephant, examine it in the dark. One touches the trunk and decides it’s an animal like a water pipe. Another touches an ear as it moves back and forth and decides it’s like a hand fan. Another touches a leg and decides it’s like a temple column. Another touches a tusk and decides it’s like a sword. All touched a part and think what they touched is the entire animal, but all are wrong.

We, like these people, know only the part of truth and reality that our own senses, education, experiences and prejudices let us perceive.

Let’s have the humility and wisdom to compare our beliefs with the beliefs of others, who may perceive other parts of truth and reality. Maybe if we compare notes, debate objectively and respectfully, without the arrogance of certainty that we’re right, we can perceive the whole elephant of the truth concerning various issues, rather than remaining in the darkness of ignorance and hate.

Register! Then vote against ignorance and the blind hate we see in some Record-Chronicle letters!

Lee Nahrgang,


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