Sounds easy enough

Qualifications to run for president:

  1. Get your teeth cleaned.
  2. Get a haircut.
  3. Change a tire.
  4. Do push-ups at the airport.
  5. Use a foul word.
  6. Play some drums.
  7. Get a flu shot.
  8. Go skateboarding.

So what else is next?

John Green,

Hickory Creek

What God is not

God is not a Republican; lest you have an apoplectic fit, God is also not a Democrat.

Furthermore, God is not a man, nor has he appointed any man to speak for all Christians. God has given each of us the ability to listen to his voice, and no human being gets to tell us what to believe or how to vote. I am not an uneducated moron because I choose to follow God and my conscience.

Frankly, both are leading me to question my membership in the Southern Baptist Church right now. It’s bad enough to be denigrated simply for being female, but I cannot be part of an organization that threatens war as a means of controlling voters. My God is a God of love, and he loves women, refugees, Democrats and Muslims, just as he loves each of us sinners.

Every one of us with a conscience should stand up and tell Dr. Robert Jeffress so.

Cheryl Lewis,


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