A resurrection in Kangaroo Court

Mr. Wheldon in his Oct. 24 letter has tried to resurrect the Robert Mueller witch hunt. He even quoted the “did not exonerate” line. This was a political line not a legal one, just like the last half of the Mueller report. Legally, everyone (even the president) is declared innocent until proven guilty (which Mueller did not do).

In the meantime, the other Democrats have all moved on to Adam Schiff’s kangaroo court, where Schiff is the prosecutor, fact witness, jury person and committee chairman who can make any rules he wishes. He lied about having contact with the non-whistleblower whistleblower. He lied about what Trump said in the phone call (before his committee and the world). Testimony is taking place in secret; he is even withholding this testimony from Congress, who serves as jury during an impeachment.

He leaks to the press little pieces of testimony, which they expand on. All of this is contrary to the Constitution and past precedent.

Larry Moudy,

Valley View

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