We can wait no longer

If you had asked me six months ago, even three months ago, whether I support impeachment, I would have said no. I would have said let’s just wait and vote him out. We no longer have the luxury of waiting.

The atrocities, corruption, racism and alienation of our allies have accelerated almost to the point of no return. Another year of this administration, and there may not be a path back to humanity.

Every action of this administration is aimed at destruction of our liberties, our environment and our position in the world. I am afraid for my children. For all our children.

Candace Pruett,


Destroying democracy

The way the Republicans are acquiescing to President Donald Trump’s outrageous violations of the Constitution and the rule of law may shock some voters, but maybe it shouldn’t. It has been evident for some time that they are willing to undermine our democracy in order to stay in power.

The following are some of the ways Republicans are trying to destroy our democracy:

  1. Working to suppress minority voting by making it much harder to register and vote.
  2. Gerrymandering congressional and state districts to thwart the majority of voters.

Institutionalizing lying to deceive voters. Examples include sabotaging government research and fact-finding and lying about the devastating effects of global warming.

  • Violating their constitutional duty to consider President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court choice, thereby making him the first president in 150 years to be denied a Supreme Court appointment.
  • Selecting Supreme Court justices who ruined the Voting Rights Act and destroyed campaign finance law, thereby allowing unlimited and secret campaign donations.

As Republicans strive to make this a one-party country, they should consider how much damage this could do. In other words, they should be careful what they wish for.

Bob Michaelsen,


Safeguarding land of the free

Thanks so very much to Richard Kelsey and to the Denton Record-Chronicle for the very reasoned guest essay published Oct. 29 regarding buyback of military-style assault weapons that are repeatedly being used in mass killings in our great “land of the free and home of the brave.”

Said missive from a military veteran and proud gun owner speaks to anyone of reasoning mind to perhaps reconsider any thoughts they may have had on the issue.

Johnny Williams,


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