Paying for safe bike routes

On the Sept. 29 front page of the Denton Record-Chronicle, there was an article on how Denton wants to provide for bicycle safety routes, improvements and how to find these items.

Funding should be easy. How? Have on every bike a license plate and each rider have a bike operator’s license just like for a motorcycle, Vespa or scooter. These would be issued by the city or county, not the state, and be valid for the city of Denton or Denton County only.

The riders’ safety should be up to them. They should obey all laws that pertain to that that’s in the Texas Driver’s Handbook. Example: If an auto has to stop at an intersection and nothing is coming, the rider should have to stop also. Ninety-nine percent do not. If there is a group of six or more riding together, they should line up in pairs of two so traffic can pass.

Places bikers run stop signs are at West Oak at the service road by Ben E. Keith Co., Northwestern Boulevard and Jim Christal Road. Bikers bunch up on Jim Christal and often motion for autos to pass with a double line.

There is one other way to help funding, and that is to have local law enforcement cite those who break laws that are in the Texas Driver’s Handbook. I know they can due to an article in a recent Blotter, where a bicycle rider was stopped for having no reflectors and ended up being arrested for DWI and drugs.

I had a conversation with one police officer, and his view was bicycles are not motor vehicles. I asked why did the state have rules in the handbook for bike riders? No answer! It was an officer from one of the small towns in Denton County. It was not a Ponder officer.

I know many will not like my viewpoint on this subject — that’s your right.

Daniel Christian,


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