Profit is an incentive 

On Oct. 21, Larry Beck’s letter surprisingly starts with the fact that Medicare for All is not affordable. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders say it is and will prove it. I am waiting. Naturally, the letter writer has to put in a negative on President Trump and how he is handling the Turkey and Kurd problem. I think they have nightmares over him.

Now to the for-profit health care system: It is none of my business how the letter writer makes a living, but he is getting money from somewhere. Between being printed and into his hand, a “profit” had to be made. Health care is no different.

From those who keep a hospital spotless for a small income to the brain surgeon who makes the most, each one of these people is paid from “profits” the hospital makes. Having known a few doctors, I know they have to be high above the rest of us in intelligence to do what they do. Many times, I am sure some go into medicine because of the high “profits” they can make. It is called incentive.

Let the Medicare-for-All system start telling them what to do and how much they will get paid, and they will find another way to use their capabilities. There are many very good foreign doctors in the U.S. because our “profit” system lets them get income equal to their abilities. Do we want to run them off to a country that wants them?

James Penton,


Anger problem?

I’m not much of a fan of our president. But love him or hate him, don’t you think this guy has a huge anger problem?

Jay Wilson,


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