An insult to other columnists

In general, the Denton Record-Chronicle has columnists of all stripes who present reasoned and carefully crafted opinions on a variety of issues.

While I generally disagree with most of the writings of your more conservative columnists (Marc Thiessen, Hugh Hewitt, Walter Williams for example), I find their arguments usually thought-provoking, provocative and challenging. Along comes John Okonski with an Oct. 17 guest essay that can only be described as simplistic, sophomoric, childish and puerile, and surely embarrassing to the op-ed community.

Juvenile rants such as this belong in the letters to the editor section along with other, similar offerings. That the Record-Chronicle would publish this drivel in column format is disgraceful, embarrassing and an insult to your other columnists, both conservative and liberal.

Robert Desiderato,


Delicious satire

Upon reading the Oct. 17 guest essay titled “How are Republicans and Democrats different,” my face started to turn red with embarrassment for the author. How could anyone write such a thing knowing full well that it would appear in a public forum, the local newspaper? I thought his rant, “I desire all to know the two parties,” was shameful.

Then I decided to reread the essay, and as I read, it hit me — this is satire! And how delicious it was; I laughed so hard I blew coffee out of my nose. This is satire up to the level of The Borowitz Report — but not quite. I even had thoughts of Jonathan Swift, but he is too contrived. This was delicious, and as I read, it came to me that John Okonski was some strange anagram for The Onion.

So bring us more — bring us more “John Onion.” We need the levity in this time of a disgusting and abominable Republican administration. Give us a laugh now and then. We need it dearly!

Bob James,


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