More tax dollars

In regard to Denton ISD buying the former Cupboard building, as reported Oct. 10 by the Denton Record-Chronicle, I think I understand.

DISD buys this building with my tax dollars at a yet-undisclosed price for a yet-undisclosed use. Owning commercial property a block away, I am sure my appraisal will jump accordingly so they will have more tax money with which to play.

Perhaps they will sell it to the city, as they did at 401 N. Elm St., whose appraisal jumped from $2.4 million upon purchase to $3.7 million in 2019. Whoopee, joy, joy!

Higher appraisals for everyone nearby and more tax dollars for DISD. And then they nominate a gentleman to serve on both the DISD board and the Denton Central Appraisal District Board? Now, Johnny, this is a big word — can you spell “collusion”?

John T. Thorngren,

Shady Shores

How are police held accountable?

Enraged by all of the unnecessary shootings, in other counties, of black people and the inferior treatment of anyone of color and those whose sexual preferences or gender identity may be different than their own, I ask myself, “In what way are the police held accountable to the people they are supposed to protect?”

Where is the public’s input regarding their job performances? Where are the surveys that allow us to give feedback and reflect our community perception of their service?

I’m not talking about a public forum where the chief and other administrative staff stand ready with answers in what can feel like an unintended oppressive act. I’m talking about a process that feels private and requires personalized responses to those who feel “No Justice No Peace.”

Mary Gotcher,


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