Two realities

Over and over we read letters in this paper that ask the question “Why do the Republicans see things the way they do?” and then go on to list the long series of actions contrary to our democratic process that Trump has done. The list increases with each passing week, and the letters do a good job of summarizing his transgressions. Yet the Republicans remain true believers and turn a blind eye to the evidence before all us. It is as if we live in two realities.

The following is from a friend and is the best explanation I have seen as to why these two realities exist.

“What we are dealing with, in case of Trumpers, is ignorance (not stupidity, but laziness and uninformed). They have not (and will not) take the time and initiative to read the Mueller report, the whistleblower complaint, the text messages released by Ambassador Volker, etc., let alone honestly evaluate their meaning and underlying implications. And they are members of the Republican Tribe.

“You can be a member of the Republican Tribe and still be a thoughtful and critical individual (maybe like Mitt Romney), or you can be a member of the Tribe and have unblinking loyalty. Most are the latter. They get their information, they get their ‘catechism’ from the Tribal leaders: Trump, congressional Republicans and the evangelical Christian pretender pastors (Robert Jeffress, Jerry Farwell Jr.) and their propaganda arms (Fox, Breitbart, etc.).”

All education/learning takes work. Changing one’s position takes more work.

William Reed,


Punishment and forgiveness

I thought the days of kangaroo courts were a thing of antiquity. Today and the past several weeks have proven they’re not.

The federal hearing for our president, and yes Democrats, President Trump is your president like it or not. A hearing based on hearsay evidence and devoid of any firsthand accounts — can you say “railroaded”? If Democrats spent as much energy supporting the president as they are finding false information to impeach him, they could have truly “Made America Great Again.” President Trump has accomplished more in his 2 1/2 years in office than the past three presidents did in their collective 24 years.

Then locally, Amber Guyger is convicted of murder — in a Dallas court, with hours of televised reports about the killing of Botham Jean, whose picture was displayed in the courtroom throughout the trial. It appears the deck was stacked against her from the get-go.

A change of venue would have been far more fair to both parties. Was she guilty? Yes. Should she be punished? Yes. Was this a fair trial? Jean is dead; her life is in shambles. She will pay for her acts and omissions in prison, at least for a period of time, but she be will imprisoned by the memory of her actions for as long as she lives, just punishment.

To say Botham Jean’s death was tragic is an understatement. In the end, Jean’s brother displayed forgiveness — what a Christian testimony.

James Thomason,


Information should be public

The refusal by the Denton County sheriff to release information in the death of Kris Adams at the hands of one of his deputies stinks to high heaven.

What the sheriff apparently does not understand is that transparency is the greatest deterrent to corruption and self-dealing in democratic governments. This is not North Korea, China or Russia. We deserve better than this from the Denton County sheriff.

Open up all the information to the public and let the chips fall where they may, or no one will trust the sheriff’s office any longer for anything.

John Zeigler,


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