Not seeing green with crypto 

I recently read that Denton has signed an agreement with a cryptocurrency mining company. The article said that our electrical needs will DOUBLE. What happened to the “Simply Sustainable” doctrine that the city promoted as a symbol of taking a stand against greenhouse gases, among other initiatives? Gone, gone as soon as an opportunity to make some money in the short term came knocking.

All the solar panels and windmills just got canceled out by a warehouse full of computers and fans running constantly. The carrot is that officials are saying our rates will “stabilize,” meaning this will help pay the debt owed from the winter storm. But the agreement is secret, and the City Council has not been very forthcoming with information. Amazingly, in the event of a power emergency, the crypto miner would power down and sell its power to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. But it doesn’t generate power; it only uses it, and lots of it.

Which brings us to the problem: What are we, as a society, getting for all this extra pollution? More property tax and other revenues, but I presume we must now double our nonrenewable assets if we want to remain green. China recently expelled all crypto miners. Maybe China DOES take its pollution more seriously than us.

Our mayor says that the city will monitor the impact. Cold comfort, I say. We cannot claim to be fighting climate change if we ignore our pledge to reach zero CO2 emissions.

William Menius,


Be careful what you vote for

It’s obvious that there are tens of millions of Americans who would prefer to have a Donald Trump dictatorship than to have Democrats in control of the government.

They make this obvious with their support of Trump, who clearly wants to be a dictator, as is indicated by his refusal to accept valid 2020 election results, by his pressuring of state election officials to nullify results, and by his inciting of an insurrection in an attempt to overturn the results. Republican Party contempt for democracy is indicated by new election laws that make it ever more difficult for minorities to vote and by their gerrymandering to maintain their minority rule.

The voter rationale for this attempted overthrow of democracy is that it has failed them and that they prefer Trump’s rule to “communist” rule. What these voters fail to understand is that the political spectrum is not a straight line from right wing to left wing extremism, but a circle where the extremes become ever more alike as they both become dictatorships.

As with all dictatorships, a Trump dictatorship would bring a loss of personal freedoms (such as, no one will be able to criticize the leadership individually or in the media) and extreme corruption (look at Trump’s profiteering while in office and imagine how extreme it would become if he were in charge of everything).

To paraphrase an old adage: “Be careful what you vote for.”

Bob Michaelsen,


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