Be sure to vote

I received my mail-in ballot yesterday and mailed it today. I will continue to closely follow the news, think about it carefully and engage in discussions with others.

I believe we must consistently be involved in our political and governmental processes. Sitting back and merely observing is never an option. Stay engaged.

If you have not already voted, please be sure to vote when it is your time. Keep listening and evaluating what is being said and not said. That is the way we will keep our country free.

John Hipple,


Setting the record straight 

Let’s get a couple things straight.

First, Donald J. Trump is a crude, disgusting human being and maybe a bully, as well. But here’s the thing.

During the first presidential debate, Joe Biden played his “compassion card” preaching to the camera about the “feelings and emotions” of the American voters.

We now live in a dangerous world, and I’m quite sure President Xi of communist China, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un of North Korea are all licking their chops at the very thought of a Biden White House and what that would mean for world dominance.

Excuse me, but I’d be perfectly happy with a “bully” president knowing he can’t be pushed around or taken advantage of. Presidential elections are more about the personal safety of my family and national prosperity than electing a “Presidential Therapist-in-Chief.”

David Zoltner,


Accepting a win either way

As you likely have heard, the media and Democrats have asked President Donald Trump at every opportunity whether or not he will step down if he loses the election. The president has said he would in every instance. This peculiar obsession of the left and media serves no good purpose but to fuel anger and hate, which will result in violence even if Trump wins fair and square (if there is truly a thing in U.S. politics). The opposite question needs to be asked: Will the Democrats accept a Trump win?

Sadly, too many people are colluding in this media blitz of hate. There will no doubt be problems at polling locations all over the country; extra security will be required at many locations. In my opinion, the National Guard might be useful in monitoring at the polling places; it might facilitate a smooth election process.

But the reason I write this letter is because, no matter how any of us feel about either party, we are all neighbors; our children go to school together, we shop together, we live together. It is our responsibility to protect our community, even from ourselves. It is upon each of us to prevent violence from tearing apart community or this state — and the weight has never been greater.

Carolyn Walker,


Protecting our community

My name is Ethan Davis, and I feel our community here in Denton should look out for each other. To ensure that the people in our community are safe, we should speak out against actions that either harm directly or promote indirect harm toward each other.

That is why I want to voice my concern about the continued display of hate symbols in our community such as the Confederate flag. The Confederate flag, regardless of its historical context, is used in modern America to promote direct and indirect violence to minority communities.

The Confederate flag is recognized by the Anti-Defamation League as a hate symbol used by harmful groups. As a community, we should not condone the use of this symbol, and when we do see it, we should use the power we hold together as a community to remove it and keep each other safe.

Ethan Davis,


What your yard sign says

I have two Biden signs in my yard.

If you have a Trump sign, what do you believe and support?

Lying to the American public is acceptable. Your choice has done it over 20,000 times. You are OK with that.

Supporting white supremacist groups is OK. Trump has said “good on both sides” and “Stand aside and stand by.” It says you support this type of group.

You support the denigration of women, Black [people] and Mexicans because that is what your yard sign proclaims.

You support cheating in an election by requesting help from three foreign governments.

You have no problem with a president who is $400 million in debt and subject to foreign pressure. What secrets might he give away for cash?

You are advertising to the world that you are “one of them” and Trump is “your man.” Do you really want to be like him?

The hate, the lies, the failure to take responsibility for anything, the abandonment of our allies, the contempt for our dead soldiers as losers and suckers, the joy in mocking disabled citizens and the dead of your critics. This is who you support and who you proudly proclaim to the world with a Trump sign in your yard?

The last time we took children from their mothers was during slavery. You seem to be OK with that.

Your Trump sign says more about you than you might suspect.

William Reed,


Name the country

Less than a month before the election, the president calls for the Justice Department to indict his opponent and his predecessor for “the greatest political crime in the history of our country.”

Name the country.

Mark Spencer,

Cross Roads

Action should be taken

Hello, my name is Natasha Johnson, and I live in Denton County. I wanted to bring up the issues with the continued increase of coronavirus cases and what we could possibly do.

Truthfully, opening up schools again was a major mistake; we just had 110 new cases in Denton, and five of them were students and one staff member just in DISD. Seeing how fast this virus has spread so far, it is no laughing matter. I think we as a country should have more testing options as Sandy Swan had recommended, but also case tracking as well as reinstating the stay-at-home order.

People are dying, and the lack of any accountability that our officials have is embarrassing. Responsibility should be held, and action should be taken to truly prevent more cases instead of dancing around the issue.

I worry as cases begin to increase again and people, as well as officials, look the other way instead of taking preventive measures.

Natasha Johnson,


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