Lack of accepting themselves

“An open letter to Texas politicians,” published Nov. 8, suggests our legislators read the memoirs of persons and families experiencing gender transition and knowing health professionals in this field.

Perhaps read the personal story of author Walt Heyer, who credits his female affirmation to being clothed in dresses by his grandmother while she babysat him from age 4 to 6. In time, he would crave the attention. Affirming this femininity would ultimately create a sense of something wrong with him as a male.

He would eventually follow the advice of a therapist advising gender transition. While studying psychology, he would discover those who identify as transgender often suffer from a variety of mental disorders and as a result would detransition after living eight years as Laura.

Consider the story of psychologist Dr. John Money, a pioneer in the field of gender identity, and his intervention with David Reimer’s family. Money persuaded David’s parents to transition him to female after a botched circumcision. Although raised as a female from birth, David began to identify as male at age 10 and detransitioned at 15. Money would report the procedure a success and eventually write 40 books. David and his twin brother, Bryan, would go on to suffer from depression and mental illness until suicide claimed them in their 30s. Their parents stated Money shares responsibility in their sons’ deaths.

Read and discover an estimated 20% regret transitioning, while over 40% attempt suicide. Not necessarily due to a lack of acceptance by society but a lack of accepting themselves.

Joe Tims,


Time to move forward

Thank you, Ernest Blevins.

Every once in a while (not often), someone with exceptional knowledge and good sense contributes a guest essay to the Denton Record-Chronicle. That’s just what the essay titled “Confederate monuments are community memorials,” printed Nov. 4, is. Excellent! Thank you for taking the time to try to educate a lot of us.

Let’s move forward. History is history. It doesn’t change or disappear just because some people don’t like it.

Barbara E. Greene


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