An open letter to Texas politicians

An open letter to Gov. Greg Abbot, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton and Sen. Ted Cruz:

You are not pediatricians, psychiatrists, nor highly regarded researchers in the fields of sexual orientation or gender identity. Neither are you parents of a child identifying outside the very narrow norm of “male” or “female.”

Therefore, you have no credentials for weighing in on parental and medical decisions about children who do not identify with the gender indicated by their genitals at birth. These decisions are not religious decisions. These decisions are not legislative decisions. These are decisions that affect the life of a real person and must be handled with the utmost attention to research, medical knowledge and psychological care.

I suggest that you read. Read some of the recent studies done on gender identification and sexual orientation. Read some of the memoirs of a person or a family who has experienced gender transition. Better yet, get to know some of these people and their families. Really listen to their stories.

Get to know some of the health professionals who are treating people in the LBGTQ+ communities. Really listen to their stories. You will be a better leader when you listen and learn instead of making knee-jerk responses that shame and criminalize people who already have enough to deal with.

Gloria Voorhees Thomas,


The fears of the Founding Fathers

In general, the Founding Fathers set up a good government. Not the best government ever, but the best possible one they could. They knew they couldn’t predict the future, and they knew that men are basically flawed, so they gave future generations an instruction manual, AKA the U.S. Constitution, and filled it with checks and balances.

Those checks are the overriding concept behind the document. It is why everyone in the government swears an oath to uphold the Constitution and not an oath to the president, the judiciary or Congress. Republicans today, including Congressman Michael Burgess and Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have decided to break with that oath and choose the president and their party over the Constitution and the country.

Yes, the Founding Fathers were far from perfect, but they were wise enough to recognize that imperfection in themselves and all men past and future. They then endeavored to design a government that could correct itself and prevent any one branch from despotism.

Because these representatives are refusing to uphold their oaths and follow the manual given to them by our Founding Fathers, we are at the crossroads those learned men feared.

Do we continue to be a country by, for and of the people, or a country ruled by a corrupted leader and his cronies?

Whit Dieterich,

Shady Shores

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