Veterans set an example for officials

The great work of the Wounded Warrior Project and the Disabled Veterans highlight the need for everyone to be able to support those veterans and their families who have given so much to our country.

Watch with care the currently shown TV presentations. With compassion, loyalty, honor and integrity, thousands have served. Hopefully, their actions will set an example for those who serve in our country’s elected offices.

There is a challenge being given to those who serve in Congress, the administration and the courts to do as much. Being called to stand up for what is right and not to deceive, deny, minimize or obstruct is not to be taken lightly.

We deserve to have elected officers who are thoughtful, rational and independent. Blindly following falsehoods serves no one.

John Hipple,


Accepting Medicaid will help Texans

I applaud state Sen. Jane Nelson’s support for Texans funding cancer research. She could do even more to enhance Texan’s access to needed health care by pushing our governor and Legislature to accept expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

We are paying taxes for it anyway. It makes no sense for our leaders to deny 1.1 million Texans access to the affordable care we are already paying for, especially when Sen. Nelson wants Texans to pay for cancer research that will benefit the entire nation.

If we can pay for that, then let our own residents access the Medicaid benefits we are also paying for.

T.D. Mason,


Props to Congressman Burgess

Our outstanding Congressman, Michael Burgess, has done a wonderful job in guiding us in our political area for several years. He will continue for at least one more tour with our acceptance for his many favorable strikes, so many of them for our benefits.

Some people feel he is not liked, thinking he had a questionable two or three strikes not in their area. He has done a tremendous job for years, and we are proud of his ability. Today is Halloween, and it looks like the Democrats are decorated against the world and our nation.

Let’s reward Michael Burgess and vote for him.

Ray Roberts Sr.,


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