On DentonRC.com's new paywall

To me “paywall” means you have to pay to get in or out of something. It would be better to call it something like “optional fee” so it wouldn’t sound like you wouldn’t have a choice.

The reason there will be the optional fee is to offset higher costs. After all, the word “profit” is necessary to have a successful business. In order to compete, your costs have to be lower or your income has to be higher. Problem here is that the bigger a company is, the less they pay for products and labor. This shows up in all levels of business. The only way to get around it is come up with a product or service that will have no competition.

I am old-school and like to go out and get the newspaper every morning, even if it has not been delivered. Funny thing, though, is when it is there, maybe one hour late, there is a bit of pleasure that shows when I open the door later and it is there.

I am going to sign up to whatever it is called. Anyone that can’t afford it has real problems. But I bet the Record-Chronicle would do something to help out.

James Penton,


We can't try to erase history

Regarding Emily Mathis Corona’s Nov. 4 guest essay titled “Denton, city of arts and racism”:

A Houstonian questions, “Y’all still have that Confederate on your Town Square?” This Houstonian, whose town proudly displays the “Spirit of the Confederacy” monument, numerous streets, buildings and public schools named paying homage to historical Confederates. The National Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C., has 11 Confederate leaders’ statues. There are 10 major U.S. military bases designated in honor of Confederate leaders; nine naval ships, and all 50 states have at least one memorial of the Confederacy displayed; as well as Brazil, Canada, Ireland and Scotland.

The Civil War was a seminal moment in American history. If you find the statue offensive, that is your prerogative as an American; however, your hurt feelings do not give you just cause to attempt to erase history by taking down a statue that is not on your personal property. History should not be hidden or changed to suit the present. To be a properly educated American citizen, you need to be aware of our sovereign nation’s history and reminded of it constantly — the good and the bad — so that our nation does not lose our cherished liberty which was bought by the blood of those before us. Generations to come may find our present moral certitude just as immoral.

Due to a grant given to restore the Denton Courthouse and courthouse grounds, the Confederate monument is protected through the 50-year lien placed by the Texas Historical Commission when the funds were given in 2003.

Leigh Smith,


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