Requests for Opinion piece writers

This is a response to most of the Opinion page content published on Oct. 30:

It is obvious that the author of the letter titled “We can wait no longer” hates President Donald Trump. I want the author to send in to this paper one thing that he has done for this country that betters the lives of all the people in one way or another.

The author of the letter titled “Destroying democracy” also hates President Trump because he thinks he is out to destroy everything good in this country. Like the earlier letter writer, I want this author to admit that President Trump has done one thing in three years in office that makes life better for all.

The authors of the letter titled “Safeguarding land of the free” and the Oct. 29 guest essay titled “Existing law provides means for gun buyback” need to read the column on the same Opinion page by Walter Williams and admit that registration and confiscation of firearms will not stop the murders in this country.

The authors of the guest view editorial need to read Williams’ column also. Blaming firearms for most murders will make no difference. Blending is the answer because people that respect one another don’t want to shoot one another.

James Penton,


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