The unofficial 45ers political party

Corrupt, sleazy, racist, criminal, white nationalist, sexual predator, ignorant, liar, authoritarian, coward, Russian puppet.

While America has had to suffer through the occasional president for whom one or two of these terms was an accurate description, we have never been subject to a president who exhibits all of these characteristics. Each and every one of these attributes is an accurate description of the 45th resident of the White House.

It’s sad that No. 45, who was rejected by a majority of voters in 2016, continues to have the support of what used to be the GOP. Though not an official political party, 45ers are the blind followers of the wholly corrupt resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Who are the 45ers? Every politician and supporter who refuses to acknowledge and call out 45 for all his disgusting acts, both in business and government. That includes everyone from John Cornyn to Michael Burgess, all the way down to elected county officials who have an “R” after their name and have remained silent.

What do the 45ers believe? A 45er thinks it’s OK to:

  • Ask for and/or get help in an election from a foreign government.
  • Pay off porn stars for sexual affairs.
  • Obstruct justice.
  • Steal money from the military to build a racist fence.
  • Give Russians classified intelligence.
  • Grab women in inappropriate places.
  • Use taxpayer money to prop up 45’s failing businesses.
  • Believe the word of foreign dictators rather than American intelligence agencies.
  • And for foreign dictators to kill American journalists.

Gary Ardis,

Oak Point

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