The Rev. James Rowe’s Nov. 20 letter regarding “hostile complaints” over Transgender Story Time provided a true Christian response of love and kindness to the community of neighbors who are different, leaving politics to others.

New Life Church should have its tax-exempt status revoked because Jim Mann has led it into politics; exemption is provided for churches to engage in religious activities, not politics. Churches in Nazi Germany supported Hitler, who attempted to purify the supreme white Aryan race by eliminating the LGBT community along with disabled persons and Jews.

Jesus presents the exact opposite: He socialized with undesirables, while shunning religious leaders. Jesus comforted and fed the poor, healed the disabled, instructed the ignorant, mingled with the segregated and treated women the same as men. He blasted those in power for greed and injustice and excoriated religious leaders for hypocrisy and abusing the people (Matthew 23).

God’s directive to clergy is to tell the people, especially the comfortably rich and powerful, of their sins so that they may repent and have compassion on the unfortunate; instead, Mr. Mann attacks the weakest and women. In his past articles in the Denton Record-Chronicle, he contorted Bible verses to conclude that he and other men had control over women’s bodies and pregnancies, a false teaching that prevailed in the Texas Legislature to remove choice from women over their own bodies.

Politically motivated churches distort Christianity for evil ends.

Walter Lindrose,


It is sad, sad that some people in Denton are willing to label people they don’t even know with pejorative names. It is sad that some people are not willing to see that others do not need to agree with every opinion and value statement.

It is sad that some people are not willing to find out the true experiences of others before they pass judgment. It is sad that children, youth and adults are cast out for being who they are, the persons God made them to be.

Thank goodness for people like Amber Briggle and Brian Beck who provide acceptance and understanding for an important part of our diverse community.

Gloria Voorhees Thomas,


My name is Caitlin Chevis, and I was reaching out to you regarding a very controversial topic in the media that impacts me and the community around me and I wanted to discuss the unfair treatment of African Americans when it comes to our judicial system in America.

As seen with the case of many like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, it has become an increasingly prevalent issue that African American people are targeted by police and also treated harshly when exercising their rights as citizens. Even as of recent, the ruling in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse is a clear indicator of how Caucasian Americans are able to persuade the law to rule in their favor while African Americans like Julius Jones are almost executed for a crime they didn’t do.

I believe that overall, there are some major flaws in the judicial system and that there needs to be change. Our country was founded on the belief of “liberty and justice for all,” and we should have a judicial system that reflects those same values.

Our government should have clear views on how we deal with people of all races, and there should be laws set in place for people who mishandle their position in law.

Caitlin Chevis,


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