Schools should require masks

Masks throughout Texas are optional, but schools should be different. Masks should be required for students in Texas schools unless students have a medical reason for not wearing the mask.

COVID-19 is still a worldwide sickness. Wearing a mask will lower the amount of people dying. Even though most people are vaccinated, they can still get COVID-19 breakthrough cases. Masks can also help lower the amount of people getting other sicknesses like the flu. Schools are known for being germ pools, so masks are especially helpful for students.

Wearing a mask is not a hard thing to do. I think people complain because it is hard to interact with other people wearing masks. They are right, but students can talk through the masks. Protecting students is more important than making it easy for them to speak. Furthermore, students can get a break from masks when they are outside for PE or recess. Research shows COVID-19 is not very contagious outside due to the fresh air and sunshine.

COVID-19 is a horrible sickness. Everyone can help protect others by wearing their masks every day. With the cooler weather comes increased colds and flu, but wearing their masks will help students stay well.

Akshay Depa,

Flower Mound

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