What is our vision for Denton?

Often we don’t appreciate what we have until it is gone. Unbridled development and suburban sprawl are gobbling up the remaining open land in the city of Denton, threatening the essential character of the Denton we love.

A prime example, developers planning a huge project along Hartlee Field Road are petitioning the Planning & Zoning Commission on Dec. 2 to change the zoning from one home/5 acres to up to seven homes/acre.

These lands are among the most rural, scenic and environmentally sensitive in Denton County, according to a North Central Texas Council of Governments study, due to their wildlife habitat and watershed importance. The nearby country roads are favorite biking and hiking routes due to their beautiful aspect and proximity to downtown. All this should be preserved as an asset to the city through rural zoning, limited road development and “conservation development,” as called for in the Denton Plan 2030 for the rural “fringe” of Denton.

In the end, this is about what is our vision for Denton. Do we want Denton to look like Frisco, with its unending suburban sprawl sprinkled randomly with national chain stores and restaurants? Or do we want to embrace our unique downtown with its local flair, easily accessible parks, rivers, trails and country roads on which to walk, bike, fish and enjoy the outdoors? What do you want?

Developers are pressuring the city now to change rural zoning in the Comprehensive Plan itself to higher density. Please write city planners, P&Z commissioners and City Council members to express your concerns.

Ned Woodbridge,


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